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Old June 22, 2008, 02:18 PM
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Meditation na, Ashraful er oshudh hoilo gono dholai. Ekta dose dilei tar oshukh bhalo hoiya jabe. 100% money back guarantee. Jodi oshudh kaj na kore, shobai aisha taka ferot niya jaiyen.
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Old June 22, 2008, 03:29 PM
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nice thread!...
i agree with the what he said"bangladeshis dreams are small"..
we really do have small imaginations...most of us lack confidence!....
its in most of us!..admit it or not!...but m not blaming us...itz somehow natural!...
besides...i felt a bit sorry for Ash at the point..
I began having doubts myself. I was considering leaving the captaincy. I thought my supporters might love me like they used to if I quit.
ash...self confident is the mainthing....!!
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Old June 23, 2008, 03:09 AM
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I began having doubts myself. I was considering leaving the captaincy. I thought my supporters might love me like they used to if I quit.

AWWWW, lol i found that little comment cute.
well i guess we have to sit back and see if this whole meditation thingy worked for him.
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Old June 23, 2008, 03:36 AM
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yaseer yaseer is offline
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Nice to see Ashraful is trying and making effort to improve and make himslef better.

All these courses can just help a person to think better.......but at the end of the day....he needs to think himself......How Ash himself thinks and approaches the game with highest level of concentration matters at the end.

Hoping for the best of Ashraful, that we have not seen yet.
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Old June 23, 2008, 10:59 AM
zareen zareen is offline
Street Cricketer
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ash should try more harder for our country
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Old June 24, 2008, 12:41 PM
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Zeeshan Zeeshan is offline
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I think most of the "khochani" "titkari" n snickering to Ashraful rests the case about "US" Bangladeshi saying too many negative things about people instead of looking forward. Ash was right in the article (and thank you soooo much Raheel bhaya for finding the link).

Anyhoo.... here is something to make you feel better and inspire and show the devastating power of meditation. Whether you believe it or not is entirely upto you, but reading all the comments I hv realized this much that a flaw of our mass consciousness is that we tend to put our fellowmen in crucifix for chun theke paan khosle(or is it the other way around? paan theke chun khosle?) even if he is trying his hard and we snicker at things we dont understand, namely here the benefits of meditation. Philosophically speaking Prayer is a subset of Meditation (that is if you manage to get rid of the Hinduesque connotation of it...). Without further ado, here it goes:

The Four Flies
A Samurai was calmly eating his supper in a small inn, ignoring four flies, which kept buzzing round him. Three Ronin (masterless samurai) came in: they looked enviously at the two magnificent swords which the man had fixed in his belt, for these weapons represented a small fortune, A look of intense satisfaction came over their faces: the man seemed to be defenseless and alone against three.

Sitting at a nearby table, they began to make to make fun of him in raised voices in the hope that he would be provoked into a duel, As the man remained completely indifferent to them, they got more and more acid.

Slowly raising the chopsticks with which he had just eaten his rice, the samurai effortlessly struck each of the four flies in four quick, precise actions, after which he delicately put down the tools, and all without so much as glancing at the three boors.

A heavy silence followed. The three Ronin looking at each other realized that before them was a man of formidable mastery. Frightened, they fled.

Much later, they learnt that this man who had so shrewdly spared them was called Miyamoto Musashi. (He authored one of the Bibles of martial arts: The Book of Five Rings).

"For those who believe no explanation is necessary, for those who don't none will suffice." -mentalist Joe Dunninger in David Blaine's intro.

Last edited by Zeeshan; June 24, 2008 at 12:47 PM..
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Old June 24, 2008, 12:49 PM
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it's still too early to conclude anything...

let's see how Ashraful performs in recent future...Inshallah
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Old June 24, 2008, 02:03 PM
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Well it seems that the meditation course and hard work by Siddons is working pretty good on him so far as his last 4 innings were 30,56*,36,109 at an average of 77 which is great in any sort of cricket. Who knows we might see a new Ashraful and need to forget his first 120 games that he played although there is still a far away to go, lets hope he continues his form in rest of the asia cup and really becomes a sensible player from now on which we wanted him to be from his start of the career nevertheless late is better than never...!!!
''I go out to field as if I'm entering the boxing ring and there's no place for the guy who comes second best there.''
Shakib Al Hasan, World's No.1 All-Rounder
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