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Old September 17, 2008, 04:45 AM
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Default ICL saga : More than money

A neat piece from Utpal Shuvro

More than money
The exodus of Bangladesh players to the ICL is not so much about money as about a feeling of insecurity and neglect

Utpal Shuvro
September 17, 2008

Why would youngsters like Shahriar Nafees spurn the name, fame and public adoration gained by playing international cricket? © AFP
After losing its way following the promises of a new beginning at the 2007 World Cup, Bangladesh cricket is currently in tumult. It's as if it has been shaken by a huge earthquake - an earthquake called the Indian Cricket League.
Since Sunday, when the news broke about the seven contracted BCB players, and seven others, joining the ICL, this has become the only topic of discussion across the country. Even the political uncertainties have become secondary. When the players eventually handed in their retirement letters and were subsequently unveiled as signings by the ICL in India, among cricket lovers there was wonder, despair, anger - and, above all, shock.
There's an easy explanation for why Mohammed Rafique, who has retired from international cricket, or Habibul Bashar, who is in the twilight of his career, joined the ICL. The same could be said of Manjural Islam, Mohammad Sharif and Tapash Baishya, whose international careers are considered largely over. But why would youngsters like Aftab Ahmed, Shahriar Nafees and Dhiman Ghosh spurn the name, fame and public adoration gained by playing international cricket? Granted, the ICL is an easy way to make money: play three months a year for three years, and get paid huge amounts - it's a no-brainer. But didn't any of these youngsters consider the fact that the ICL was forbidden fruit, on tasting which they would immediately become international pariahs?
Many in Bangladesh have muddied the issue by confusing it with patriotism and treachery, but I'm not ready to do that. These boys aren't going to rob or steal, they are going to play cricket. More importantly, the ICL is forbidden only because of the egotistical stand of the BCCI. Otherwise what's the difference between the ICL and the IPL? If Bangladesh's left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak has committed no sin by playing in the IPL, the likes of Bashar aren't doing anything wrong either by joining the ICL. In any case, this analysis through a moral prism is redundant; the ICL-bound Bangladesh players aren't protesting the wrongs done to the ICL, they are lured by the prospect of money.
That, though, may be simplifying things too much. After Sunday's news came out, the BCB revealed how much the retired contracted players had earned while playing for Bangladesh over the last three years. The regulars - Bashar, Aftab and Nafees - each received Taka 1 crore (approximately US$150,000), which isn't that much less than what they are rumoured to be getting from their ICL contracts.
For its part the BCB, trying to retain the rest, has explained to them that just the match fees for all Tests, ODIs and Twenty20 matches for the next three years will be almost Taka 1 crore. But only if the player plays in all the matches. And therein lies the rub of perhaps the entire issue - none of those who have joined the ICL could be certain of playing every game for Bangladesh, or of his future in international cricket.

Read full from Cricinfo
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Old September 17, 2008, 04:57 AM
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dats sounds goood dat new Team Dhaka Warrior is formed
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Old September 17, 2008, 05:52 AM
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Welcome to BC faiyaz...I hope you will enjoy your stay here....!!!
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Old September 17, 2008, 06:45 AM
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I have Written a similar post in another thread regarding this,let me add it here:

ICL/BCB saga has been one of the most interesting event happened in Cricket in the recent time.For quite some time Cricket had become more of a political game, where power and money has been the driving factor. This is the result of it. Its almost like a movie, The key players ICC, BCCI, ICL, BCB, the 6 players of Bangladesh, the people of Bangladesh and cricket. I cant say what will be the result of this, can show u a few things.

In regard to this issue: On a certain date, they gave test status to Bangladesh , not completely for their ability but more for the benefit a certain quarter. At that point Bangladesh didn’t have a proper first class structure, their win against Pakistan was controversial . but they were given the test status, more to gain a Vote for the Asian Bloc, at that time Bangladesh was in par with teams like Kenya, Kenya still doesn’t have a test status. Bangladesh had a strategic position. These people didn’t care about cricket, but more about their position and power in ICC. BCB would just have to support the a certain Bloc BCB wouldn’t mind coz it brings Money to them and power. In all this it was a Blessing for the people of Bangladesh, It opened opportunity for them to make a name, in the international arena. to make their country proud. Hard work of some people like (Akram Khan) gave belief in young children of Bangladesh to follow this game, to make a career out of it.
What should have been good at that point, BCB should have tried to be organized, accountable after getting this opportunity, but like their Boss ,They cared less about cricket and more about money, and personal benefits. result…Bad selection policy, (Aminul Islam )not much development in the game. The development came more due to international pressure from media, and the talent of the young cricketers who had passion for this game.
ICC comprised of 10 test playing countries .the Asian Block(India, Pakistan , Srilanka , and Bangladesh) and Bangladesh was added to support this block. And most of the revenue comes from this side. India the main contributor. Thus u can say in a way India (BCCI is the boss).even here they had their differences , but to hold power in decision making they stayed together. Most of the criticism came from Australia, and England, the main opponent of the Asian Block.
ICL has been the Brain child of Kapil Dev, (the man who gave india the first and only world cup) helped by businessmen.He never got due credit for what he did. It was an act of rebel against the BCCI, who have been running cricket for money. So like a tyrant to hold its place, They used ICC to Ban this league, and invent IPL with more money. At this point this was a good move by BCCI. And ICL was almost out.
Now intrestingly, Bangladesh was one of the country who didn’t get much notice in IPL.ICL guys had seen this, and the bad selection policies of BCB and heart break of some of these young cricketers had given them the opportunity to attack Bangladesh. Even here it’s more to do with strategic point than ability of players. This makes BCB vulnerable, the Critics will try to take the test status of Bangladesh, thus making the asian block weaker .and most likely BCCI ,It might open opportunity in other cricket boards as well. Which will force ICC to recognize ICL, even if this doesn’t happen ICL will still make more money due to the fan base of Bangladesh.
Intresting to see that Bangladesh has been here the strategic point .Last time it happened it benefitted Bangladesh in a way, might do again, but will depend on what steps they take. I completely don’t blame the cricketers, this is the result of Unorganized running of Office, and some weak players.The main loser here are cricket,and people of bangladesh
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