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Old January 12, 2009, 03:05 PM
Reaz Reaz is offline
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Join Date: August 10, 2006
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Default A humble request

The contributions of ‘BanglaCricket’, in providing invaluable updates, educated critics and abundance of entertainments to passionate Bangladeshi cricket fans like me and millions around the world can not be overemphasized.

It is needless to mention that the success of ‘BanglaCricket’ of earning its huge reputation and popularity was only possible because of the relentless efforts by, Zunaid, Miraz and other people associated with BD Cricket. My hats off to you people.

I tried to write one or two articles to express my feelings and views in ‘BanglaCricket’ forums over the last few years. I also read number of very educative and well thought articles written by Miraz and some other BC members. Most of the articles were of very high profile not only in terms of their literature values but also of in terms of specialist critics and opinions.

If some of the opinions or advices from different articles would have reached to where it mattered then it probably, would do world of good for the future of cricket in Bangladesh.

There is no shortage of fund flow in cricket. Administrators, Selectors and Players touring the world, staying in Five Star hotels and putting big bucks in to their pockets. So who cares what the fans feel or what happens to reputation of Bangladesh cricket as a whole. But the only thing they are failing to realize that they are eventually killing the goose that is laying golden eggs for them.

I have feeling that all our cries in ‘BanglaCricket’, disappears somewhere in the deep of Black hole. I am not sure whether ‘BanglaCricket’ is any how linked with ‘TigerCricket’ or people responsible for the administration of cricket and play cricket read or understand any article in ‘BanglaCricket’ ever.

To all ‘BanglaCricket’ fans; let our voices be heard. Enough said on Captaincy, team composition or the very attitude of the Administrators, the Selectors and the Players. Nothing has changed for the last few years. The downward trend is eyeing red eyes for further humiliation. We can’t afford to wait to see the inevitable happening; the axing of the status.

A humble request to everyone associated with ‘BanglaCricket’, please let us know whether all these crying in ‘BanglaCricket’ forums any how reaches the cozy office at Gulshan; if not take us to that level. We want our voice heard. We don’t want to bang our heads anymore on the brick walls. At least, we the fans love our cricket and love our beautiful country Bangladesh!

:f lag:

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Old January 12, 2009, 03:10 PM
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Nafi Nafi is offline
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I say Banglacricket should comandeer BCB in a military coup.

I nominate myself board member.
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Old January 12, 2009, 03:18 PM
Miraz's Avatar
Miraz Miraz is offline
BC Staff
BC Editorial Team
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Dear Reaz,
Many thanks for opening this thread. We are in regular contact with Rabeed Imam, media manager of Bangladesh National Team and editor of TigerCricket.com. He is well aware about our articles and features and also visits Banglacricket regularly. We are also in contact with a good number of Cricinfo staff and they also visit our forum frequently.

Most importantly, we are in close contact with our national team coach Jamie Siddons and we do share our thoughts with him. I personally send him our important articles and engage in many constructive discussions.

We are not in full contact with the cricket administrators, but personally we have contacts with few of them. BanglaCricket due to its highly quality, active participation of its members and their passionate thoughts holds an important place in Bangladesh cricket and we can assure you that your voices are not lost in the black hole.

You only play good cricket when you win/draw matches.
I am with Bangladesh, whether they win or lose . http://twitter.com/BanglaCricket
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Old January 12, 2009, 03:38 PM
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cricman cricman is offline
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you can reach out to Rabeed Imam and Uptol Shuvro via facebook ... maybe if your polite and courteous they can help any intrested.
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Old January 12, 2009, 04:27 PM
bangla-red's Avatar
bangla-red bangla-red is offline
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Force them to stay in one star hotels until they win - every win makes it go up a star.
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