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Old March 5, 2011, 02:04 AM
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Post I believe, But I am not going to let this go! It's tiime we criticize

First of all, being a Bangladeshi fan we have all been through the lowest times possible as fans of a cricket team while not even putting much expectation. There are fans, players and coaches who are saying repeatedly that we shouldn't criticize the players. I am saying this approach is WRONG. If you want our team to do well a I do I think we should constructively point out where we can improve and where we are doing the mistakes every second every game. I, no way whatsoever condone the fans stoning the bus or ransacking Sakib's house, but after India was thrashed out of the 2007 world cup much worse had happened back there, and India has transpired as the leading force in world cricket once again. They have the best t20 league, were the world champions right after that world cup and in this world cup they are doing everything right till now. The media was brutal with the Indian players and in my opinion rightly so, the failure of the world cup lead to the sacking of Greg Chappel and paved way for younger crops of the Indian team to join forces with the experienced bunch.

Playing world cup at home there will obviously be huge expectations. How good our team is in handling such pressures is still to be seen, but from the word go we have looked nervous. Our victory against Ireland was cheered as if we had won the world cup and our loss to WI lead to the ultimate shame that is being broadcasted around the world. We need to make changes, realize a few things and let our voices be heard. Yes we are there to support the team, yes we are there in the bad times and we will be there, it's about encouraging them as well as telling them where they are going wrong in a constructive manner. Our team has been suger coated like no other team for so long by the media and it has got to stop. We are going nowhere and it is time we realize there are some fundamental things we are doing wrong again and again.

My Criticisms

- Why are we changing the batting line up every series? Why didn't we go in with the winning combo after Zimb series? Does the management not know that when we break a winning combination every player feels insecured about their place? A win, specially a series win is a TEAM effort, don't change the damn team. Period.

- I have never liked Mushfiqur Rahim in ODIs. He might be our BEST option in tests, but in ODIs the wicket keeper position is the one used by other teams as the vital role of a batsman+keeper. Rahim has a cool head but he never scores big, if he lasts in the wicket he scores painfully slow and add to all that he has one of the lowest keeping qualities I have seen. Although I agree he has improved. But honestly, we hae better options and we need to groom them AKA (Mithun, Anamul, Jahurul...)

- The bowling line up is painfully unbalanced. I agree Razzak and Shakib are the best bowlers and Rubel and Shafiul are really developing into the pace batteries we need. But we really need a third seamer who is a good with the bat. We CAN'T RELY ON SPIN EVERY SINGLE GAME. We will never ever win on a consistent basis, let alone scare the opposition. Every time a subcontinental team comes they will immediately feel confident against our slow-non turners who are only good for containment. We need to go in with a winner mentality. I really miss Shahadat in this case, eventhough his pace had dropped and was way too wayward, believe me when I say this, I have never seen or felt the fear in the opposition eyes the way I saw or felt when Shahadat bowled against India/SA 2 years back when in supreme form.

- We need to select a team in ODI which is not going to save face but everytime they field we can feel that these guys can win it. We desperately need explosive openers, we have found that in Tamim but Kayes can't be the long term option. Junaed is fine, as he rotates as well as hits out. But the middle order is the most consistently inconsistent. I don't really blame the team. How many games have we played with the same line up? Our middle order keeps changing every single time. How long do we have to stick with Ashraful? He does not have the confidence any more. Give him a break for heaven’s sake. We are running him even more by playing him in high profile matches where the expectation and the burden of past failures will prompt even the best of the best to not perform.

- Don’t get me wrong, I like Rokibul, he is fit and probably the best fielder in the team. But as a batsman he should either play in the top order or not play at all. Same goes for Mahmudullah and Naeem. THESE ARE NOT LOWER ORDER BATSMEN JAMIE SIDDONS. They can’t become overnight. Please get that in your thick head. If you want power hitters for the powerplay have a look at our domestic, academy and u-19 teams. We are budding with them everywhere. It has been a nightmarish selection with clearly the main objective being defensive and regressive. Simply put, we are not playing a team which will win matches. Same happened to us in the T20 world cup. Pathetic it’s continuing. We need separate teams for tests, odis and twenty 20. BCB, COACH, CAPTAIN PLEASE USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE if you have any.

Let’s provide criticism in ways which we think will benefit our team in the long run. Please don’t suger coat our team any longer. It hasn’t ever worked and it never will. Cricket is a man’s game and the faster the fans the players realize that it tests your mental strength the better. The players might then actually play according to the match situation. Every time we turn up in numbers and say slogans to motivate them they know we are there to support them. But when it needs to be done let’s also please let our voice be heard. That’s what the media, forums and all kinds of ways reaching to the public is for. Freedom of speech and in this case hopefully the progress of Bangladeshi cricket.

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Old March 8, 2011, 01:09 AM
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I agree with your points. superbly pointed out.

of course all these now can only be applied after the world cup. the point u raise about keeping the batting order from zimbabwe series is a good suggestion. but i guess the powerplay want (wanting to do well in the powerplay overs, specially batting) made the team bring in ashraful and push mushfiq up the order. i still think they shud try out this combination one more time, before scrapping it. maybe one last chance to ashraful or maybe make a couple of changes for the england match.

shahadat leaks runs crazy in odis and test matches. he has lost his form, painfully struggling i believe. his getting his name in the Lord board was just him being lucky and england batters giving away wickets. i think rubel and shafiul is still our future, and i think we shud stick to these kids for more time, it might bring out sth.

remember in 2005, when aftab ashraful was the centerpiece of the bd team? everyone used to say that give the bd team time, and it will blossom. time has been put into this present lot, with more time and nurturing i believe this lot can take our team higher than we ever were.
It is good to let Shakib off captaincy, it will relieve some pressure. He will be offered captaincy again in a few years when he will be more than ready, Bangladesh will voyage into a new horizon then
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Old March 8, 2011, 01:11 AM
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ODI Cricketer
Join Date: September 15, 2008
Location: Piscataway, NJ, USA
Favorite Player: Shakib, Tamim
Posts: 743

btw, loved ur points.

media has to stop indeed. media mathaey tule nachtese khali sobaike.

and spot on our team being nervous. shafiul jebhabe prothom ball ta korse, tokhon thekei.. these guys are better at handling nerve and pressure than any other lot before them. but thats still not enough. i guess the occasion got to them. now that the expectations went a bit low after the 58 run rout, i hope they will be able to hold their nerve, play their natural game and make us proud!
It is good to let Shakib off captaincy, it will relieve some pressure. He will be offered captaincy again in a few years when he will be more than ready, Bangladesh will voyage into a new horizon then
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Old March 8, 2011, 10:28 AM
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IF we can love so r we aloud to criticize...great thread

But dont just criticize just for the sake of it..criticize with valid points like above..
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
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Old March 9, 2011, 11:08 AM
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haruk ba jituk,i am always there with BDcricket!!!!
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