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Old October 20, 2012, 07:42 PM
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Default BD Goverment Corruption

I felt the necessity of opening this thread, because these news gets buried under the other news items, and when those die down, we find some ardent supporters of any party during their reign, coming down here and preaching fake pictures of development and honesty of their party to confuse people.

If we have one place to dump it all, we can see it when necessary. So it will only make the party machineries to propagate a bit less. At least we don't have to undergo some unnecessary discussions. Specially when another party comes into power the previous year's memory fades.

Wish we could have done it from the previous regime, but none the less, if they come in the next election they will give us ample news too. If they don't, we will call it a progress. I would like to request all to please keep it limited to the corruption related events happening with the 'consent' or 'knowledge' or 'reflects the character' of the top leadership of the Party involved. I will start with following: (Lets Have The True Picture of Our Development- not be influenced by Any party supporters agenda)

1. '97% MPs linked to negative activities' - All Party

2. Govt recommend to ACC: 7500 cases against leaders of AL-alliance to be withdrawn - BAL
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Old October 20, 2012, 11:34 PM
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A very good idea

I thought of something though; maybe it would be better to have such a thread but without the word "corruption" in the title, which could inadvertently make this a popular result whenever anyone, from anywhere, searches "government corruption" or "Bangladesh corruption".

Maybe having a less commonly used phrase like"Government Indiscretions" or "Inconsistencies in our Government" would allow us to "dump" stuff yet not become yet another stick to beat us with.

Our more web-savvy members can confirm if my concerns are justified or not...
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Old October 21, 2012, 08:23 AM
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Banglatiger84, bhai that's a ood idea. But I think let it be accessible to as many, because we will hardly have our own opinions or accusations on any party here, mostly it will be media reports. So, nothing much to worry I guess.

SHONALI BANK CORRUPTION CASE: Earlier, an investigation by the Bangladesh Bank found the Ruposhi Bangla Hotel branch of Sonali Bank illegally disbursed loan of Tk 3,547 crore to Hall-Mark Group and five other companies.
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Old October 21, 2012, 01:57 PM
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“We call on the people of the country to unite for the reforms to resist the move to establish autocracy. We want a free and fair election. The election commission has to function independently for it. It shouldn’t be influenced by the outgoing government,” he said, “But we see all the outgoing governments apply various techniques to influence the election.”

Guard the guards

Dr Kamal, also revered as the ace constitution expert in the country, observed that the parliamentarians are expected to play an active role in investigating irregularities in handling bank money, particularly the Hallmark scam.

“It’s the duty of the parliamentarians to look after whether the ministries are performing the duties they are meant for. The standing committee should oversee whether the ministries are ensuring the transparency and precision in dealing with the public sector projects,” he said.

The relevant parliamentary standing committee should undertake enquire about the approval of 60 new banks, even after the Hall-Mark scam, he said.

“They had to submit Tk 400 crore for the approval. I wonder where from the money is generating. Is the money legitimate, or is it coming from illegal sources such as Hallmark,” he added

The standing committee should ask the ministry for the relevant files, he continued. “They (standing committee) can arrange public hearing and we lawyers will be there on the backseats,” said Kamal.

“You can give punishment to a thief or a decoit, but you must also ensure that the guards perform their duties with responsibility,” he added.
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