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Old December 6, 2016, 05:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Tausif
Kayes had a decent start in ODIs but he was hella slow for an opening batsman. He had a strike rate of only 65 for the first three years. It was really frustrating watching him play a test innings out there.

Even Anamul has a better strike over the same period of time(three years).
We didn't have other options though
When anamul came he became our opener
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Old December 6, 2016, 08:37 PM
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I think people didnt get the memo. I said Mominul wasnt proven in the 50 OVER FORMAT. By that i also mean 50 OVER in domestics. And people want to some way or somehow compare it with Imrul? Your shooting yourself in the foot. NoName its a complete myth that "Imrul was given a lot of chances til he finally clicked". Pls don't make such ridiculous remarks with no proof or stats to back your claim. Imrul was hella proven in 50 overs in domestics. He was even top runscorer in DPL a few years ago. And Imrul did very well early on in his ODI career.

You can argue he may have been slightly slow with his batting till the cows come home however back then it wasn't costly as such to score slowly rather its only now with T20 style of cricket being incorporated into ODIs nowadays you really needa up the ante early on. Also it wasn't like Bangladesh were regularly putting up scores of 260 back then either. That's why I feel Imrul has adapted fantastically to the modern day way of playing cricket in the sense that before he was slower but now he looks to hit boundaries early on.

Mominul has played 26 ODIs. So lets take Imrul's first 26 ODIs. Imrul was averaging 31.07 with his notable scores being 70 v India, 101 v NZ in NZ, 63 v England, 66 v Pak, 76 v Eng in Eng. So as you can tell he had scored decently at home and abroad hence he 100% deserved to be in the BD ODI team. Compare with Mominul in 26 matches he averages 23.60 with only 3 fifties to his name. So i have no idea how people think that Mominul's situation is even remotely comparable with Imrul's in LOI. So please don't make me laugh by commenting "Imrul had lots of chances" and "he wasn't performing" etc.

Do I think Mominul is very talented? Yes ofc i do. Would he able to play in the limited overs format for BD? Yes ofc i do. But does he deserve to be in the limited overs format at this point in time? I'll have to say no for the time being. He needs to stamp his authority in domestics and show he can score quicker. Cos right now i think Shahriar Nafees can do that role much better than Mominul can. But yes you can argue that its better to go with a youngster rather than an older player but SN is 31 and in the world of cricket 31 is not old.

The other point about Mominul is him batting in his own gear. I feel he gets too uncomfortable when he needs to bat in a certain way in a certain time i.e. when he needs to be aggressive etc. Whereas in test cricket he can just bat his own game and not worry too much about the situation. That's why i feel he excels in test cricket and he showed that by scoring big runs when the team collapsed. Whereas in ODIs when the situation requires to specifically be aggressive he will look out of sorts.

Imrul throughout domestics he has showed he can crank it up a notch and score big and fast. Mominul hasn't had many innings in domestics where he cranked it up and went bizerk. Mominul doesn't have a 6 hitting ability at all. Regardless I wont put too much emphasise on 6 hitting but at least score at a high strike rate. And i'd say thats not his best skill. So he will heavily rely on strike rotation which I feel isn't necessarily helpful in the initial powerplay overs. Unless he opens and it complements Tamim's style.

And guys please when i critique a player please don't just randomly compare it with Imrul even though he wasn't even part of the subject. Imrul has had a pretty decent ODI career. Where it went pear shaped was in the span of 11 matches between Oct 2011 to Mar 2015. In that time span he was also out of the national team for almost 2 years. He was in very poor form in that time. Out of those 11 matches his highest score was 59 and his next highest score was 11. That means he had 9 matches with a single digit score during that period. Take those 11 matches out and his average woulda been 32.41 and his average woulda been very similar with among the likes of Tamim, Riyad, Shakib and Mushfiq.

So please no random comparisons with Imrul tyvm. Side note. Mominul is one of my favourite players. In fact when he debuted I heavily campaigned around BC saying this guy is a star etc etc. I've even met him. He signed my Bangladeshi jersey.

p.s. here is Imrul's first few games for BD in ODIs

“The long I play, I will try to play good cricket. And if I succeed, that will be the biggest satisfaction.” - Imrul Kayes (April 2016)
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Old December 6, 2016, 11:00 PM
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^Excellent post.

Agree with most things. Except the fact Nafees isn't that old.One needs to look around see how many played well into 30s, and how many players still player past 30s. Ms Dhoni, Misbah, Are few names. Many recently retired being well over 35s. Nafees is only 31 and in the best shape of his life.Nafees more than capable batting in any gears, people forget Nafees is a big hitter; he was one when he first started someone who can hit sixes well but had a safe approach to it and not wild likes of Aftabs.
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Old December 7, 2016, 10:02 AM
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Favorite Player: Imrul "The Don" Kayes
Posts: 6,682

I guess its true that perhaps being 31 yo isnt young as such however at the same time its safe to say SN's experience will surely benefit the team immensely one way or the other. He would be a more polished batsman than Mominul at this point in time. Mominul is still unproven against world class pacers in test cricket whereas SN we know has handled the likes of Brett Lee in the past. And like you said SN has that gear to crank it up if need be. Mominul is yet to find that gear. I don't mind too much if he doesn't develop that gear but at the same time he needs to find ways to compensate such as hitting the regular boundaries and looking to play attacking strokes more often.
“The long I play, I will try to play good cricket. And if I succeed, that will be the biggest satisfaction.” - Imrul Kayes (April 2016)
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