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Old February 24, 2016, 08:26 PM
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Default Team selection and BCB management rant

First, I want to commend Bangladesh on the guts they have been showing recently. When we criticize the team let's all be constructive, the decision to create a green top was a brave one that will help Bangladesh in years to come, it showed us what can be done if we have good fast bowlers bowling at high speed with skills and also where our lackings are. Yes, many said at the under 19 world cup the decision to bat first was a brave one too, but we played to the opposition's strength. In this case it was different as our strength was fast bowling and for the 10 overs out of 40, that was clearly in display in Mirpur, so I applaud Bangladesh's recent surge and optimism with the bowling department. I hope it continues for years to come.

Now, comes the rant and the part which bewilders me. Team selection and BS team management. When you select and drop players at regular intervals, what do you think the team confidence and balance becomes? Does everyone really know their role then? Select a period sometime in our history where so many players have debuted and the squad has changed this drastically? Rony Talukdar, Liton, Mominul, Anamul, Mukhtar Ali, Nurul Hasan, Shuvagata Hom, Imrul Kayes even Rony, Nasir, Taskin have been in and out of the squad recently. What is going on with you guys in BCB, coach, selectors and management? This signifies you don't know what you are doing and you are doing trial and error at the highest level without any confidence and you expect the team to perform.

Lets move to the actual squad selection after all that jeopardy. Ok, I get you don't know the meaning of patience and you are experimenting, but explain to me this! Kayes is not even in your WC squad and yet you have him in the 4/5 matches leading to the world cup? And what has Kayes even done to warrant in the first place. Let's get this fact clear, he will never do well for T20s EVER in the international level, let alone win matches for the team. Horrible team selection and every Bangladeshi cricket fan irked when this was announced. It must come across as something just ridiculous and just hard to understand. Please BCB invest in talents that atleast have potential to win you matches or give you chance. A player like Kayes is known to have the lowest strike powers in Bangladesh cricket and is often termed too slow even for ODIs and yet you bring him to T20s.

Judging by talents, I can't figure out how a player Mithun or Shuvagata or Mominul (T20s) or Mukhtar Ali gets selected post 2015? Is this the benchmark we want to set? We had players like Shabbir, Shoumya, Taskin debuting last year and this year you have stuck to players I will consider twice even for a local paara tournament. You set the bar high and then you pull it right down below the ground. Bizarre bizarre policy set by the selectors, coach and BCB.

What strikes me even harder is you had choices. Nasir one of your better fielders is sitting out of the main eleven without match practice ahead of the world cups matches, and it does seem now all those people who wanted him in the team will have their wish fulfilled and at what cost? A team on a downward spiral and a captain that repeatedly says we suck at this format eventhough we have been playing from it's birth and we have 5 players that played 6 consecutive world cups? If Nasir was in the team last night, Shakib would not be at point, Nasir would have never dropped that catch and the momentum would not have shifted in favour of India.

I knew from the beginning Rony was needed in this team. I faced harsh criticism in this forum because of the loyal support to Rony. I have nothing against Alamin and quite honestly I thought he redeemed himself last night to some degree. But Alamin will never be in my team in place of Rony, quite simply because Rony could be the X-factor. When I said Mustafizur won't be effective this time around against India, I prayed hard that I was wrong but unfortunately my theory was proved right once again. Although to be fair Mustafizur did bowl two tight overs and gave away only 12 runs, and should have been given the signal to get that crucial wicket of Rohit out when it mattered most. For that matter, the match shifted momentum towards India when the spinners came on and taking 3 quick wickets meant nothing because they still had 12 overs to recover. This is not ODI that losing 3-5 wickets will matter too much with a batting lineup of India. Rony could have been the X-factor last night and we missed the opportunity to send a shock wave to India's batting order, I strongly believe he could rip through it because he is the only one that swings it in the first 4 and then yorks batsmen at will. The bowlers did not do one thing however, we did not pitch the ball up and that has been consistently missing from Bangladeshi bowlers in the past and in this match. We can't utilize the pitch or the condition because we always bowl on the shorter lengths. I just don't understand why, because Taskin got wickets always with his yorkers, Rubel is not playing here but even when he is needed to pitch up he rarely does so. When we bowl fuller when the condition suits us, we always get wickets, beats me how the bowling coach does not ring the ear bells of some of our bowlers.

Lastly I do wanna say, India did outplay us in batting, bowling and fielding. Rohit played a special knock to demoralize Bangladesh after that costly drop by Shakib who should never be in that position in the first place. Our lack of footwork against a moving ball was direly exposed and the opening looked really weak without Tamim, even the whole batting order looked vulnerable and never looked even likely to challenge the somewhat low-chaseable total. Mashrafe's captaincy can be split into two parts where the first part was as he normally is and in the second half he was left wondering what could would have been. A dropped catch always ruins the Bangladeshi team, remember the first over catch drop by Anamul against Sri Lanka in the WC? They seem to lose focus over disappointment and Bangladesh never comes back from the match. When a catch is dropped in a match, someone like the captain should reorganize and regroup his troops and just tell them it is ok, focus on the match and now and let's not bow our heads down as we normally do. It can simply happen in a match and Shakib is a good fielder. Shakib had the worst day ever in a match last night though. And to make matters worst he ran himself out in a comical fashion. Something tells me all is not right with Shakib. There seems to be a personal battle somewhere he is fighting and doesn't have the focus. In which case, he should definitely get back to cricket only when he settles those demons in his head. It could be the physical and mental exhaustion of all those continuous years of playing, he has to figure out what it is that is making him lose concentration in cricket.

Congrats to India, we played a team that knows this format dearly. We are still finding our feet and I am confident like the ODIs we will move forward but we need to rectify our mistakes like we did in the ODIs. Keep things simple, let everyone know their role and most importantly BELIEVE and PERSEVERE, be brave but not stupid, and I am confident we will rise again. Bangladesh plays best as a team when they are aggressive. 2015 happened because everyone in Bangladesh believed that there was a conspiracy against Bangladesh and was hell pissed, they had a point to prove and specially against India. Mashrafee famously said "chokh chokhe rekhe khelbi toakka na kore", I felt that killer instinct and almost rage is what is needed at the T20 level as well. It changes the whole team. We play best when we are at that mindset. Attack, attack and attack should always be the Bangladeshi way of playing cricket.
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