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Old June 15, 2017, 11:18 PM
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Post Another "How can we improve" thread

First of all, happy with the teams result in this tournament. Yes we won only 1 game, but with the oppositions and conditions, We wouldve been happy to not make the semis winning only 1 game but it was our luck that we made it. But I think we were very capable of winning the game against England and we were very capable of winning against India. There were some gaps and its astonishing how the coaching staff didnt even bother to look into it.

First of all, you cant become a champion in any major tournament with 2 of 3 top order batsmen out of form. This tournament demanded a batting domination and we failed to do that against Australia, we were short against England and we get rescued last minute against New Zealand. I know the bowlers couldve performed better but I feel like our bowlers defending a total in 3 occasions didnt have nearly enough to work with. The only opportunity where Bangladesh got the chance to chase, the bowlers did their job and restricted one of the power houses well.

Bangladesh has a terrible batting attack in reality even though it looks very pretty on paper. This is where the coaching staff and management is so short. They have the idea right. They got Soumya up there who can play some shots while Tamim builds an innings. That sort makes sense BUT, Soumya isnt nearly consistent enough. Fair enough, he is attacking so if he gets going, its a huge boost. But then you have a similar type of player in no.3 who is also a miss or hit kinda player. You cannot have 2 out of 3 top order batsmen be a "miss or hit" player! If you want to Soumya up there and want to take the chance, you need someone very reliable at no.3 so that you dont risk the team being 2 down early on! Being 2 down in first 10 overs is suicidal on the modern day cricket which demands very high scores.

It doesnt matter how strong you middle order is if your top order is missing. Its supposed to work the other way! Building something new is easier then fixing whats badly broken! The decision to play Soumya, Sabbir and Mosaddek all at once in conditions they havent played before and still trying to find consistency at home was WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Need to rethink the batting lineup! Soumya, Sabbir arent performing anywhere to be permanent in this team. Talent doesnt do anything alone if you dont have the proper mindset and mental maturity. Soumya Sarkar is averaging a wonderful 26 this year and Sabbir is averaging 21. How on earth do you not have backups for players like this..?

I would like to see a mix of players back in contention. Players like Liton needs to be brought back into contention and at the same time, need to give someone like Shahriar Nafees a second look. Basically we need a more consistent top order batting lineup. I understand we need a more attacking batting line up but miss or hit players are not the solution. Neither Kohli nor Williamson starts an innings hitting down the wicket. The increase their SR gradually and rotates strikes along the way. Sabbir is a finisher and Soumya is a miss or hit opener. The coach needs to understand that and look for alternatives. Being stubborn on a few players isnt going to help the team. If the motive is to get a aggressive top order lineup, why not have Shakib at no.3? I dont believe Sabbir is a better batsmen then Shakib. Both are middle order pinch hitters, but for me, I would rather have Shakib up there because he has all the experience and even though he can be brainless at times, he understands what needs to be done!

Someone like Nasir could be looked into again as he continues to dominate the domestics as a top order batsman. I am not saying he is going to repeat his domestic exploits in international stage but he certainly deserves a call up. Mosaddek is our future and he should definitely play games but not ahead of Nasir! Let Mosaddek develop his game a bit more.. work on his batting against express bowlers and then he can comeback and pursue any batting position he wants to.

Talking about bowling is another long discussion but basically, our bowling coach isnt the right fit for our boys. Our boys have the skills not the brain. Its harsh but true. So in order to get them going, we need someone who will think for the bowlers and instruct them. We dont need a motivational legendary mentor who will inspire you to become great! Let our bowlers be good enough first! Our seam attack was much better under Streak and i believe we have gone backwards since he left. It shivers me to think what will happen to our seam attack when the nucleus of it (Mash) leaves. No one will think, no one will guide.... It will be a bunch of quicks bowling all over the place. Need a new coach who will work with the players not only in terms of skills but also in terms of maturity, consistency. We need to also rethink the combination. We have been lacking a seamer that can be effective against left handers and yet we are ignoring this guy who showed he can do it. I am talking about Al Amin Hossain. Rubel, Fizz, Taskin... these are all death over bowlers! You need a bowler who will bowl well early on with more control and generate decent swing. Mash is there but he is alone and his career is coming to an end sooner then later

Also, we need a spin coach ASAP. I am tired of saying this but we dont have a spin attack anymore. We have spinners who bowls slow. They have no variation, they dont have turn, they dont have accuracy.. These bowlers are only capable of performing in minefields and get wickets off the batsmens lack of concentration then skills. Need to change that and need someone who will work with our spinners to get a few good spinners back in the setup.

In summary, we need a better opener, a more consistent no.3, A solid spinner and a seamer with more control and the ability to bowl open the bowling

Opener options: Liton, Shahriar, Kayes
No.3 options: Shahriar, Shakib,
Middle order substitute if one of them moves up: Nasir Hossain
Spin options: Jubair, Arafat, Raj, Miraz
Opening seamer: Al Amin Hossain

Most importantly, we need better coaches and they need to start making teams that doesnt only look pretty on paper, but also rational, takes experience, condition, form into account.

Hopefully we can improve in these areas and transform into a major side in world cricket. no.6-7 isnt our ceiling. It should be closer to the top in few years!
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Old June 16, 2017, 04:53 AM
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The first thing we need to do as fans and BCB is to recognize that we have a problem. Using the same team with non-performers will get you nowhere. You can win a match here or there by fluke but that's about it. You will keep getting slapped around until you have a proper team.

Azaira pechal jey eishob non-performer er kuno replacement nai, eta purai foul pechal. There are plenty of players. You just need to try out these players.
1. Tamim can stay
2. Soumya must go. Out of form for a long while. Replace him with SN
3. Sabbir must go. Also out of form OOF form a long while. Replace him with Nasir
4. Mushfiq may stay
5. Shakib may stay only for his batting. He should retire from bowling
6. Riyad is back in form and is playing well, so he can stay for the time being.
7. Mosad has been poor with the bat. He was brought in to help the batting. Sadly must go. We can replace him with a batsman like Nurul.
8. Mash can obviously stay
9. Need a spinner, so Mehedi
10. Taskin must be dropped. he has been Flopskin for a long while! Replace him with Al-Amin
11. Mustafizur has lost his form permanently. He can be replaced with Robiul / Ziya / Abul
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Old June 16, 2017, 06:02 AM
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@Rinat: Nasir was in Ireland. What did u think of his performances?
Al Amin: What do you think of his fielding and overall fitness?

Shahriar Nafees looked lean and fit last time i saw him in BPL. He is a genuine option to try at least.

Liton: has he fixed his off side game?

I feel like in general this is like going back to players we dropped for the same reason you are advocating to drop the current newbies.
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Old June 16, 2017, 06:10 AM
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Posts: 13,038

My suggestion:
Fire Walsh immediately. Relegate Samaraweera to HP coach and bring Mahela on as batting coach.

Give Soumya Shabbir Mosaddek Liton Shanto ample time with Mahela.

Bring in a Bowling Coach who can teach our bowlers to both swing and seam. Mustafizur cannot be a one trick pony.. he cannot be wasted like this. Taskin needs to learn to swing the new ball. He looks like a bowling machine right now. Rubel in my opinion is beyond improvement. He doesnt seem like he has any brains but he bowls very well at the death so there is use for him.

Start a nationwide hunt for a swing bowler, develop some from the age group level and keep them away from Mushfiq the test captain

Find a good leg spinner
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Old June 16, 2017, 07:20 AM
MHRAM MHRAM is offline
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Did anyone notice that half the BCB officials are in UK enjoying a paid-vacation while doing nothing.

Don't tell me CT is everything. Its only an icing on the cake. Other boards are concentrating on so much more while our officials are enjoying their time in the UK attending Iftar parties.

From what I heard our boys had to resort to eating sehri at the homes of BDeshi people living in the UK. Our board is putting too much focus on the national team. Our focus should be more on grassroots, domestics, A team, HP unit.

Why is it that the likes of Shahriar Nafees, Al Amin, Mehedi Maruf, Anamul, Liton despite their domestic exploits are sitting ducks back home when Soumya, Sabbir, Mosaddek are playing game after game. What about Shanto and Saif Hassan?
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Old June 16, 2017, 08:00 AM
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Soumya should never been in odis. He was in good form in tests and cos he gained form in tests imrul was dropped from odi and soumya was put in. Soumya was dropped from odis literally after one odi in the nz tour!!!

Sabbir and Mossa needa swap positions in the batting order. Im more worried about bowling. We look very toothless wen we bowl.
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Old June 16, 2017, 10:14 AM
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Rinat Bhaiya and Tanvir bhaiya are two top article writers for BC. Gopal/Zeeshan and Jadukor da are awesome too.

Rinat bhaiya, you brought up some very critical and excellent points. About injecting Al-Amin, Jubair and of course Miraz.
Can Shahriar perform? Do you think? HAs he been playing well and getting runs in the local leagues? I didn't get to follow. Also what about Nasir? Is he reliable anymore?
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Old June 16, 2017, 11:19 AM
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With RBX's swift arm movement at point of delivery, if he could somehow learn about science of reverse swing, then I see him bringing down that test average to sub-50.
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Old June 16, 2017, 04:52 PM
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(Even) JafaraUllah Sharafat, has the answers. How we can improve and who to play at 3!
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Old June 16, 2017, 06:36 PM
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How can we Improve?

1. First of all we need to drop all unfit/half fit players from the team. Doesn't matter who's that player, what's his contribution towards Bangladesh cricket, how patriotic he is, what's his legacy etc, etc, etc. If a player isn't fit he shouldn't play. It's as simple as that. This is international cricket, not a child's play.

2. The standard of fielding needs to be improved. I've seen lots of easy singles were taken by the opposition batters even when the ball was inside the inner circle. It really bothered me when I saw a particular unfit player to field in point or backward point region. It's a specialist position which is suitable for fit and agile players only.

3. Players who have been playing based on their reputation only needs to be dropped ASAP. They should be sent back to domestic cricket and if they can perform there on a consistent basis then and only then they should again be brought back to the side.

4. The players who r consistently performing in the first class cricket should immediately replace all the passengers in the team. If domestic performance isn't taken into consideration while selecting a team then there's no point in having them in the first place.

5. Finally.... fans, media, journalists,ex-players all of us need to come out of our lala land. We need to stop over hyping our players and teams. It gives these particular players(who r actually quite mediocre) a false sense of pride and they stop working on their basics and eventually fizzle out.
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Old June 16, 2017, 11:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Jadukor
@Rinat: Nasir was in Ireland. What did u think of his performances?
Al Amin: What do you think of his fielding and overall fitness?

Shahriar Nafees looked lean and fit last time i saw him in BPL. He is a genuine option to try at least.

Liton: has he fixed his off side game?

I feel like in general this is like going back to players we dropped for the same reason you are advocating to drop the current newbies.
Nasir: he played one game where he didnt bat and was good with the bowl (despite being a part timer)

Al Amin: I think his fielding is an issue but didnt see anything wrong in terms of fitness. Fill me in if you know anything

Shahriar Nafees: He needs to spend time with our coaching setup and work on those little flaws i still believe he has. But other then that, he is at his prime and should be in the setup

Liton: He plays good shots on the off. Its just a mental thing I believe where he plays a lot of cross batted shots. All he needs is a good "haturi"

Look, I am not trying to create a cycle of pick and drop players. For me, the criteria for selection is simple. Perform in the domestics ahead of everyone and get picked! Whether they were dropped before isnt an issue for me. The players I have named, has been very consistent in the domestics and all of these players were dropped mainly due to consistency and not a clear flaw in their game. Now, they have shown better consistency in domestics and thats why they deserve a recall. Its simple!

We have gone to the tried and failed rookie rampage technique and it didnt work. We need replacements for some players and I dont want to rush players like Shanto, Afeef in the side when they are not ready.
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