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Old July 16, 2004, 03:10 PM
Imtiaz Imtiaz is offline
Test Cricketer
Join Date: July 10, 2004
Posts: 1,312
Default A good start...

A simple fact has to be appreciated. This is Bangladesh's first match where
"minnows" were disposed of as they are supposed to be - with respect to the
Hong Kong players. Bangladesh, having been cast as favourites, proved to be
precisely that !

So, for once, let us celebrate !

Let us not forget the debacle against Kenya ! Canada was just a bad nightmare
!! Even the victory against Scotland in 1999 was largely helped by Hamilton's
run out.

The batting may not have been great. I only followed the game on the net. I did
get the impression, however, that it was a slow track- given that some shots
appeared to have been played before the ball arrived e.g. Mushfiqur's second
wicket. Considering that, 221 was quite a decent score. More importantly, the
tenacity exhibited by the late order in the Caribbean continues.

The opening spell by all accounts was professional. Whatever, the shortcomings
with the bat, the bowlers were determined and disciplined. I have to say having
watched almost all the cricket from the WI [ I live in England ], Whatmore has
instilled great discipline in respect of line and length. The bowlers maybe
quite ordinary but by bowling to a strict line, they do not make it easy for
the opposing batsmen. Only in placid test wickets, their shortcomings are,
sadly, cruelly exposed. I remember when Sarwan and Chanderpaul were clinically
carving out their partnership, Mushfiqur for a short while was bowling to a 8-1
field. 7-2 was quite normal. Given his obvious limitations, I find him very big
hearted and he clearly bowls to a plan ! Note, he does not concede too many
runs and always pops up with the occasional wicket.

Tomorrow, it is a 5 am start for us. I have got ARY today. The rest is for
Tapash, Rafique and, dare I hope, a run-a-ball 100 from Basher. Well, if he
bats for 100 balls he is bound to score a 100!!

Good luck, Bangladesh !
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Old July 16, 2004, 03:52 PM
Zobair's Avatar
Zobair Zobair is offline
BanglaCricket Staff
Join Date: July 15, 2002
Location: 16th floor
Posts: 4,106
Default welcome to the board Imtiaz

you are absolutely right! This was by far our biggest win in ODI in terms of the margin. I am confident we will do much better when we face Pakistan and we do have the goods to beat Pakistan.
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Old July 16, 2004, 04:06 PM
Orpheus's Avatar
Orpheus Orpheus is offline
Cricket Legend
Join Date: July 25, 2002
Favorite Player: Tamim, Riyad, Ashraful
Posts: 5,836
Default Keep Dreaming!

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Old July 16, 2004, 04:09 PM
Rubu's Avatar
Rubu Rubu is offline
Join Date: February 15, 2004
Location: Michigan
Favorite Player: Mashrafee Mortaza
Posts: 8,361

i looked at the match live, thanks to cricketjoy. And watching the batting, i can say, there was nothing terribly wrong. first of all, we've to keep in mind that the opponents were HK. gliding the ball through out the match was not that bad of an idea because HK did not excect that and did not know how to face it. The thing is, the our batsmen try to play in the same style against pakistan, that would be a disaster. What else? after having 85 runs pertnership of JO and suman, there was not too much left for the rest. Small contributions would have been enough, as it proved. Second, the pitch was bowling friendly. The way ball was swining, it was hard to play. And HK cleaverly did not try to use the pace and depended on swing and line and length. between our top order outs, most of them were justified. may be 2 were throughing wicket. over all, on a scale of -5 to +5 where 0 meaning nothing good or bad, i'll give them +1.5.
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Old July 16, 2004, 07:23 PM
James90's Avatar
James90 James90 is offline
Cricket Legend
Join Date: August 8, 2002
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Favorite Player: Michael Slater
Posts: 3,953

This game is irrelevant considering we will be playing the Pakis again in Round Robin Finals...this competition should have a carryover like the WC to prevent this kind of stuff from happening...all Bangladesh need to do is make progress and avoid handing Pakistan the bonus point
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Old July 16, 2004, 07:39 PM
oracle oracle is offline
Cricket Legend
Join Date: July 25, 2003
Location: U.A.E
Posts: 3,750

Just a point about this batting style argument. I dont't think that you can change your spots overnight to suit a particular opponent.
Bashar just played like he did previously, and so did the others. In other words I dont expect a secret weapon emerging for tougher foes.
So, they will repeat the same stuff against Pakistan. Beacause, there were many mistakes in the match. Bangladesh won't be left with that luxury next time.
Two unlucky fellows in this match were Kapali and Razak. One got a dubious decision but had the right approach to batting and looked to produce more varied strokes- I mean Kapali.
Second one is Razak. He is one to watch out for. I would like to see more of his batting.

Welcome Imtiaz

[Edited on 17-7-2004 by oracle]
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Old July 16, 2004, 08:36 PM
PoorFan PoorFan is offline
Join Date: June 15, 2004
Location: Tokyo <---> Dhaka
Posts: 14,831

Exactly, we can not expect a change in a overnight.
But we must stick to the wicket and make runs as well from
first 10 to 15 over losing any wicket( 1 wicket will be good though).
I don't understand Basher, because he scores in test match
like he is playing ODI ( with high run rate )
But when it become ODI, he fails almost every time.
And Ashraful, he is just unpredictable, can not count on him yet.
Kapali is failing over and over, we should not consider
whether he was unlucky or not. Being lucky is also a part of ones career.
We should go with Faisal this time, not Kapali.
What else we have? Lets count on late order again!
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Old July 16, 2004, 10:09 PM
rafik rafik is offline
Street Cricketer
Join Date: June 7, 2004
Location: Japan
Posts: 42

Yes good start. Any win against any team is sweet.
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Old July 17, 2004, 06:44 PM
Tehsin Tehsin is offline
BanglaCricket Founder
Join Date: June 20, 2002
Location: Virginia, USA
Favorite Player: তামীম, শা
Posts: 9,471

Welcome to the board. Happabout the win but dissapointed with the batting performance. Take a look at these:

ICC Trophy, April 1997

ICC Trophy, Feb 1994
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Old July 18, 2004, 05:12 AM
Imtiaz Imtiaz is offline
Test Cricketer
Join Date: July 10, 2004
Posts: 1,312
Default Have we really made much progress since then ?

Thank you for the links. I had not seen these before. Yes, gleaning from the scores, it would appear that the batting on Saturday left a lot to be desired. However, I got the impression that the pitch was not conducive for strokeplay.

This could also account for the better bowling performance compared to those matches.

Have we really made much progress since then ? The Pakistan match offered no clues. The next three would clearly show. Frankly, I would like us to compete even if we don't win. If a match is alive until the 40th over of the second innings that will show we have come a long way.
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