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Old July 26, 2004, 11:30 PM
SS SS is offline
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Join Date: February 24, 2004
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Default the next game

i tried to keep quiet but just can't tolerate the humiliation so came back.

This game will be like other games. The only thing we can do is to play better than last match.

some thoughts..plz don't mind if it hurts anyone feeling..this is what I think personally that might or should happen:

If we bat first :

Apparently, our batsmen won't do nuthing this time either. Just hope we will score 90 runs loosing first 4 or 5 wkts if we bat first. If we loose early wkts we will score 90 runs in 34 over otherwise if we play big shots we will get it in 27 overs.

if we play first 34 overs loosing 4 wkts minimum:

34*6=204 balls I think even in first 10 overs if we can't have big hits..score 39 runs atleast...(I think it's doable...) and rest we need 51 runs...having roughly 22 overs in hand ...I don think itz that hard to score using 22 overs...so just gota play and keep the wicket...runs will come if you stay in wkt...just try man just give it a shot...then 16 overs left...looking at the last match I figured out we can hit at the end..so if we even loose 4 wkts by the time 34 overs are gone...we could probably score 130 runs in last 16 overs...and it gives a total run of 220...for our situation like this this should be enough...though Pakistan will score 90 runs in first 10 overs...and rest 131 runs by 35 overs...(if we bowl terrible like the last match), but it will be better than the past few matches.

2) in case we score 90 runs in 27 overs loosing 4 wkts...we will have 8 more overs we are getting than the last case of 34 overs...if we can manage 130 runs in last 15 overs. we should definitely able to score 30 runs from extra (8)6=48 balls we are getting extra comparing to the last case. and that will add our total to 220+30=250.
when Pakistan will bat they will score 90 runs in 10 overs and then rest they will need 160 runs from 40 overs. They will achieve that in 39 overs.

3) suppose Bashar clicks with Rajin or Rana or even Kapali(!) and all scores 35 runs. The strike rate of Bashar, Kapali and Rana, I think is decent cuz they tend to score keeping the strike rate high. So if (!) they click they will score those run in a matter of time. 35*4(for four top order)=140 runs...not bad from first 6 batsmen..but unfortunatley we are not upto that level yet...so imagine two will flop and deduct 50 to 70 runs from that total..still we will get 90 runs to 70 runs from first four top orders if and only if they contribute just 30 runss.....looking at their play I can they can score it especially Bashar, Rajin, Ash, Kapali pretty fast. BUT FOR GOD SAKE, they should not play that fast!!! I am saying if you score 10 runs in 12 balls ...you don't have to score 30 runs in 40 balls( especially if you are struggling like our team) so take 55 balls but score the damn 30 runs....Suppose all top order takes 55 balls roughly to score 30 runs...( I know they can play superb on drive..pull ...cut...glance) but for God sake ...just play with brain)
55*4=220 balls...36 overs(approx.)...if they can stay there for that many overs contributing...again I emphasize contributing just mere 30 runs by each top order( two will go for cheap I am sure) still 30*4=120 runs comes from top six batsmen without even scoring boundaries!!!!!...and we will still have 14 overs left with our great tail orders..I am positive they will atleast score min 80 runs will "cool brain" in last 14 overs(14*6=84 balls) generally there should be five boundaries in last 14 overs with 4 to 5 wkts remaining)

Is that much difficult for our players to Comprehend??????

3) We wont be able to just score 260 runs right away..we are not upto that standard yet...this is fact..but we can improve....we can score 240 runs because even our top order don't play any boundary shot still they should be able to manage 120 runs atleast in 34 overs!!! if they can manage or realize that they should quit for the good of our cricket.
But if we include the boundaries..don have to be like Sachin,Sewar, inzi, or Jayasuria...play what we are capable of even scoring 3 boundaries from top order will add extra (12(from each player)*4)=48 runs extra(approx) to the total of 120 runs which will make our score 170 in 34 overs!!! will will give us 14 to 16 overs and then scoring another 80 runs will be done by our last 5 batsmen(if they keep their heads cool) which will make our total 170+80=250 runs...for a team like us that's a great fight and challenge...Pakistan may reach that but it will take them 42 to 45 overs to score that loosing 3 wkts.....guess what...incase our two bowlers click taking 3 extra wkts P won't score that faster...so they might go till 45 overs to score that...our bowlers don't have to bowl them out...just play hard give the team 5 wkts...(yes maximum 5 wkts...is it too much to expect from you guys)...

and if each bowlers get two wkts( exclude sujon, or Rafique(sorry to say that he is out of form) ...will it be that hard to get 5 wkts!!!!...we are not telling them getting 5 wkts by 35 overs but they should try their best to get it by 45 overs...

And if we have a good economy rate and two of our bowlers bowl with line and length most probably they will give 40 runs so (40*2=80 runs) from two bowlers. rest of the bowlers even they give 49 runs each(49*3=147 runs) till they finish their quotas(inclue part time bowlers for this 50 over quota).
147+80= 227 runs!!! I know it's not possible rest of three of our bowlers will give 59 runs alteast in their 10 overs..even that should add 30 more runs to the added total making it 257 runs!!!!!!

bowlers please just think before you bowl its should not be that hard two of you can give 40 runs and rest can give 60 runs....still it will add up to 260 runs....i

so our batsmen if they realize these facts...and play even slowly but sensibly to score and stay in crease and give us 140 runs we can manage to get rest 120 runs with our tail enders(last 5 wkts unless they rush to go to lunch break)...

and bowlers as i mentioned before even three of them give away 60 runs two gota bowl line and length and should give no more than 40 runs from their quota ...I think they can do it if they play sensibly and with cool brain.

FYI: I didn't add the extra runs..but bowling sensibly means giving away only few extras.

If we bowl first :

same concept just the reverse way..two of our bowlers have to bowl with line and length giving away 40 runs a wkt or two will be awesome..and even the rest give away 60 runs(!!) is it too much to ask 3 wkts from them???

no matter how we bowl if Pak bat first they will score 300...( 90 in first 10 ....200 in 38 overs and rest runs in last ten...max loosing 5 wkts...most probably they will loose 3 wkts)...BUT if our bowlers follow their duty of bowling in line and length the score will significantly be reduced...
(to be continued)

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Old July 26, 2004, 11:56 PM
SS SS is offline
Cricket Guru
Join Date: February 24, 2004
Posts: 9,881
Default continuations...

first twenty overs :
As I have earlier mentioned, if Pakistan bat first they will score 300 runs without any problem...now if our bowlers bowl with line and length...suppose Tapash and Razzaq started to bowl...in first five overs quota of them..they will give atleast 35 runs so it will still make the 10 overs total for Pakistan 70 runs(+20 runs). Then if we start with Rafique and Musfiq..they will give like 45 runs each in the next 10 overs adding the total to (90+80=170 runs) in 20 overs. I think our bowlers are not that bad to bowl like that without taking any wkts in 20 over. IF Pakistan aims to score 170 runs in 20 overs they will loose 2 to 3 wkts for sure!!!...but will they do it...I don't think so...
Here's what Pakistan might do..
they will definitely score 90 runs in first 10 overs but here comes the main part...in next 20 overs will they score anotehr 80 runs....NO
so Rafique/Mushfiq/ or Tareq whoever bowls have to keep in mind that they won't gona go for that fast in next 10 overs( 20 overs)...so bowl with line and length give them no roam and also use the variations to make them "go for big" hits...I will expect from Rafique and also even frm Razzaq or Musfiq to do that...esepcially Rafique, Musfiq and Sujon should be able to do that using all of their experience...IF THEY CAN'T DO IT..it's a same. period. no that hard even if they give 30 runs each still the score will be 60 runs added in next 10 overs(90+60=150 runs) look not that bad...and a wkt or two will be great.

second twenty overs( 40 overs):

Hoping my second option of the first twenty overs worked...

we will continue will Rafique or bring another person intead of Sujon or Musfiq....BUT REMEMBER this time P team will be furious....their target is to score atleast 200 runs in next 30 overs!!!!
so they will go for shots for sure!!!!

now it depends whom our captain will use to bowl the next 20 overs!!!!AND YES THESE NEXT 20 OVERS ARE CRUTIAL...no matter what if we can restrict P we will be in front sit.

and how to do it again ...it depends on line and length and close to perfect bowling. I think only Rafique, yes only Rafique will be the man to be used for this time. I know if we use up Rafique we dont have any one to bowl in last 10 overs...but we have Razzaq and Rana !!!! correct me if I am wrong...if Rafique bowls last ten overs with other partner...mostly he can restrict with his bowling 30 runs. but imagine if we can save that 30 runs in the CRUCIAL 20 overs of the second part of the innings!!! so why not go with Razzaq or Rana or even other bowlers with Tapash to finish the rest of the 10 overs. I will come back with rest of 10 overs later.
now suppose Rafique with another partner(Sujon or Musfiq) finish up the quota of their 10 overs....in intervals we can use Tapash or Rana or Razzaq to bowl two or three overs (3)3=9 overs) so it will add upto our 40 overs of bowling.
If Rafique gives 30 runs in his next 5 overs ( add 25+30 =55 runs) with one or two wkts. and Musfiq or chacha gives(60 runs) with one or no wkt. and others in their 9 overs give (9 * 7 runs each=63 runs)
then it will be like following:
from first 10 overs: 80 runs
from 10 overs from Rafique: 55 runs
from 10 overs from Musfiq/Sujon: 60 runs
other 9 overs besides Rafique: 63 runs
or sujon/musfiq

total runs: 258 runs in 40 overs...
( this estimate is for our worst case scenario if our bowlers give away that many runs) but like you , I also urge them to bowl sensibly...guess suppose Rafique or Tapash or Musfiq or Razzaq each don't give 10 more extra runs what can happen!!!
(4*10=40 runs) are saved making that total to 218 runs in 40 overs and 7 wkts remaining!!!!!!!!

our bowlers need to realize that...if the situation is like that 218 runs in 40 overs with 7 wkts remaining ...I bet we can get two to four more wkts and give pressure....for the next and final ten overs....(to be continued)
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Old July 27, 2004, 12:04 AM
SS SS is offline
Cricket Guru
Join Date: February 24, 2004
Posts: 9,881

bowling first: the last ten overs

218 runs add coupld of runs to it...make it 230 runs....(if and only if our bowlers bowl with superb spell...only two of them need to do that)...remaining 7 wkts...

as Rafique or Razzaq or Musfiq finished the quota now it comes to Tapash and if other don't finish their quotas.
Tapash having (5 to 3 more overs left) should bowl with his experience. giving away 40 runs( grabbing a wkt or two)...I don't think that's too much to expect...he can do it and HE HAS TO DO IT..

but the problem is who will support him on the other side...

If Razzaq bowls two more overs another 15 runs.

now even we bowl sujon or Musfiq at the end they will give lots of runs...if they are left with 5 overs then 50 runs if 3 overs 35 runs...

so we will give away 40 + 15 + let's say 40 runs = 95 runs make it to 100...is it that hard for our bowlers to restrict them in 100 runs in last 10 overs....

again we can see that, don matter even if we keep Rafique or Razzaq or the star of the day till the end P will score 100 runs anyways...so WHY NOT WE RESTRICT them earlier to 218 runs then add to it 100 runs = 318 runs for P. But I missed something here...IF P SCORES that much run( imagining our bowlers bowling that bad they will loose WKTS) and if they loose wkts they won't score that fast....
so these score can be reduced to 280 runs.
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Old July 27, 2004, 12:16 AM
SS SS is offline
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Join Date: February 24, 2004
Posts: 9,881
Default The conclusion

batting first:

scoring very slowly thus will give us 150 runs in 35 overs where top order contributes...and rest 100 runs tail order cna contribute making our total to 250 runs...even two batsmen score single digit expecting 35 runs from four others is not that much to ask for....don't have to play shots just STAY THERE FOR 35 OVERS.

P will rock on...they will score 100 runs in first few overs..but as I mentioned before for our bowling analysis...how far they can go max 320 if we bowl really really bad...so even they bat before or after they will max go for 280. and if it's our day can't we restrict them to 265!!!!

even no exceptional contribution is needed to score 250 if all contribute a little...so ONLY ONE OR TWO of our batsmen have, yes it's mandatory, to score few runs for our team...15 more runs..com'n pal....Bashar can score it in 3 deliveries...3 LOOSE DELIVARIES...
is that hard for you "mr. dependable" ..no it's not ...it can't be ..you are our captain...you can do it

bowling first:

even we bowl terrible 280 run should be max.

if we bowl ok 265 is must.

but just bowling sensibly and with line and length can accomplish that target...only two bowlers are needed to bowl those superb spells. Remember, how Razzaq's 10 overs' contributed? India score our 180(appox) runs keeping 13 overs remaining. If another bowler can do like him it will reduce down to half...6 overs remaining...it's not a great achievement but ATLEAST we make them first for the win right!!!

We all hope for the best of our team...especially all the fans in this forum who stay away till late at night to support the team...who sacrifice their studies, work and family to watch their favorite team play..comn tigers won't you gona feel little sympathy for these fans who love you so much and go with you not may be physcially, but in each games you play. I think you can do it..you have to do it..or else it won't be fair..it' won't be tolerable. Good luck tigers
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Old July 27, 2004, 12:36 AM
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Default Feel your pain


Excellent analysis!! Thanks to your detailed breakdown of various probable scenarios, I realized how winning or putting a respectable total can be achieved almost effortlessly, IF and only IF we can " God sake ...just play with brain".

Like all of us Tigers fan you lamented, "Is that much difficult for our players to Comprehend??????"

Sadly, I'm afraid most of our guys are either not capableor not willing to understand these factors.
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Old July 27, 2004, 01:50 AM
chinaman chinaman is offline
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Very good work, SS. Suddenly you don't sound like yourself! You sounded more optimistic than many of us do.

I'll be happy if we can restrict them within 225 and/or manage to score 200+. Anything more is bonus. A win is sure to have a lasting impression for years to come.
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Old July 27, 2004, 03:10 AM
sageX sageX is offline
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Congrats SS. You have put a lot of thinking about it. You are a true heart BD fan.
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