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Old August 13, 2004, 12:28 PM
tpusltn tpusltn is offline
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Location: Los Angeles, Ca
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Default We Had The Best League In The Sub Continent

Dhaka had the best cricket league in the sub continent. It was fiercely competetive and immencely popular for the locals as well as outsiders.

I remember, Sri Lankan and Pakistani's used to asked who is on the top, in this years competetion. Is it Ababhani? Mohameddan or Biman etc.

Dhaka league was the backbone of the Bangladesh cricket. CCDM or Dhaka league, where we used to find the battle harden, proven players for one day cricket competetions.

Don't get me wrong, I am not at all againist the national league rather we needed the national league. But along with the national league, we cannot delete the CCDM league, which started almost at same time as the birth of this nation.

The prestigious league suddenly took a back seat right after our Test status and gradually dying down. Do you know why? Can you tell me, is it because 50 0vers match'e are less important than Test match?

Why can't Dhaka League have its' own show like it is used to be and National League has its' own. I don't see any conflict here.

Lets' bring back our traditional rivalary of club cricket among Mohammedan, Abahani, Biman, Victoria, BU... along with lots of quality foreign players like it used to be and make it fiercely competetive again.

Without exciting & competetive rivalry, our cricket standards are less likely to be higher in the curve. Local cricketers will have less chance to be exposed & prove themselves aganist quality foreign imports.

Dhaka league also brings financial wealth for lots of cricketers who are plaiyng professional. Professionalism brings quality into the cricket.

Look at our under-19 team in england. When they are faced with quality opposition, they all crumble. It is good that they are exposed to their weakness early in their career. So, they can work on it in the future as they go along.

We do need to re-introduce our strong domestic competetive dhaka league. Lets' bring back (Abahani, Mohammedan, Biman, BU, Victoria and all the others) premier division cricket where it used to be.

I believe, BCB is totaly ignoring domestic league altogether. Say it is national-league or urban league. Ironically, BCB or BCCB's supply of players were mainly dhaka league.
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Old August 13, 2004, 12:36 PM
fwullah's Avatar
fwullah fwullah is offline
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Location: Dhaka
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I think the club officials are also somewhat responsible for not holding the premier league.

At least, as long as some of the club officials of the big clubs are working for the BCB, my comment in the above paragraph is true.

The Mirpur stadium is now announced for CRICKET ONLY, and the Bangabandhu stadium is now out of the list of holding cricket matches (at least the local matches), so perhaps this tug of war (for not holding any cricket matches in a whole season) will come to an end this time?
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Old August 13, 2004, 05:50 PM
tpusltn tpusltn is offline
First Class Cricketer
Join Date: September 16, 2002
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Posts: 256

Fahmida, you're right Bangabandhu National stadium is not a football-only stadium. It is also a international cricket venue.

Cricket never destroys turf, it rather preserves it. Why footballer are making unnessary noises?

So to come to the point, there is nothing wrong with holding cricket league matches at the Dhaka stadium.

Footballers willingly gave up the mirpur stadium & cricketers gladly accepted it. But there were no written clause (I hope not) that rules to excludes cricket from Bangabandhu stadium.

All fooballers, hold your breath, we're still here to hold our league matches as well as international matches.
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Old August 13, 2004, 05:58 PM
Tehsin Tehsin is offline
BanglaCricket Founder
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One could argue that our recent failure could be a result of our failure to bring back the traditional Dhaka league into being. Club cricket and national league is great and all but they simply do not have the same intensity as the Dhaka league. Without Abahani, Mohammedan, Brothers, Biman, kalabagan etc - our cricket looses it's competitiveness.
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Old August 13, 2004, 06:37 PM
Piranha's Avatar
Piranha Piranha is offline
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I dont think our league was ever that great. Goos players were always being brought in, and the press made a big deal about it. I dont remember them ever saying "wow, there is some very competetive cricket going on here.."
Those who lament the loss of the old league, are (in my opinion) only lamenting the loss of an good old era where things were neat, predictable, and one could pick a favourite team and stick to them.
The true measure of a domestic league is by the international crickters that it generates. By that token, Autralia probably comes out on top even though it is the English league that the press and the fans are always talking about.
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