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Old November 29, 2004, 11:34 AM
ZunaidH ZunaidH is offline
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Default Betting on Mashrafi, Rafiq, Tapash and Nazmul

If Mashrafi, Rafiq, Nazmul and Tapash were bundled in a stock and rolled out in NYSE, I would buy them. Becasue they are lowly priced and loaded with potential. Although they would have a profit to earning ratio all messed up because of the team losing relentlessly, I would still bet on them on the fact as a group they are a good mix and something I would consider seriously. As my idle brain wonders, I think all four of them have solid batting potential. I understand Nazmul hasn't proved anything in tersm of batting, but two points he has driven forward are: 1) His intelliegence and thinking ability, 2) Courage. So here is my thoughts for a regrouped ODI tactics for Bangladesh against teams that are significantly better than BD. For example, in a match against England Bangldesh certainly win because of the talents but more for the right tactics.

So here goes my rambling...

We should target around 80~85 runs from the four guys. They should not be restricted. They should be encouraged to go out in the middle and enjoy their time (of course with some strategy), but not just swing the bat blindly attitude. Rafiq has already shown his potential as an opener. If we send Tapash next, followed by Mashrafi we have genuine chance of putting some pressure on the bowlers (especially the pacers) of the opponent. After Mashrafi, we can send in someone like Ashraful. In such a scenario, I am assuming we will open with Javed and Rafiq. The progression would be a bit different if we loose Javed as the 1st wicket. In that case, we should bring in Bashar as 1st down. Somewhat like, a batsman for a batsman and a bowler for a bowler. If we can tweak this approach, perhaps we can bring the overall value of the team up. By no means, we should try this on test though. And also, the bowlers should focus on theri bowling first. This is a hypothetical scenario but has the merit that the four/five bowlers in our team have more aggression and discipline than the five/six batsmen we have. I by no means, believe that our batsmen have inferior techniques. They are just a scared gang. I say let Mashrafi, Rafiq, Tapash and perhaps Nazmul set the precedence.
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Old November 29, 2004, 10:00 PM
bourny3 bourny3 is offline
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I wouldnt have Nazmul up there. This is all very good in my opinion but it would never happen. Besides i think these bowlers would struggle against the new ball as well. Very good idea though
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Old November 30, 2004, 01:41 AM
Sam's Avatar
Sam Sam is offline
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Originally posted by bourny3
...Besides i think these bowlers would struggle against the new ball as well...
Sorry, I defer. I believe you remember the innings by Rafiq and Tapash in WI where they faced the giants with new ball. I was closing my eyes each time the bowlers like Best were running in to bowl, but they played magnificently with proper treatment according to the merit of incoming balls.
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Old November 30, 2004, 04:26 AM
bourny3 bourny3 is offline
Cricket Legend
Join Date: August 4, 2004
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Posts: 3,199

Ok Sam i stand corrected I forgot that match.
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