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Forget Cricket Talk about anything [within Board Rules, of course :) ]

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Old Today, 02:45 AM
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Default <<< BC Cricket Savant Thread >>>

Salam, Bhaiz and Apaz, Didiz and Dadaz ( creditz to Bujhee_Kom Bhai for the phrase)

Hope Everybody is Well and No Body is Doomed ( Cant remember who influenced me in writing "We are Doomed")

Anyway recently I became the 6th BC Cricket Savant (on reaching 25000 posts). First of all congratulation to the 5 previous Savants. They are ... ...

1. Nadim................ (44741 Posts) (17.83 posts Per Day)
2. Sohel .................(35464 Posts) (11.72 posts Per Day)
3.AsifTheManRahman .(27675 posts) (6.61 posts Per Day)
4. Zeeshan ..............(27647 posts) (10.24 posts Per Day)
5. Tigers_eye ...........(27267 posts) (7.40 posts Per Day)

these are standings based on current standings, may not be necessarily the order of becoming Savant. but again congratz to all of them and wish they quickly reach the next level ( may be 50000 landmark).

Thanks to Bangladesh Cricket,which is prospering all along the last 8 years which kept me glued to this Forum and also all the member who have big big influence for me to keep on positing and posting. it has been a long journey which started as OffStump and then I changed to al-Sagar. hopefully it will continue as long as I have a device which can connect to internet and login to this forum, and I have passion to watch and understand cricket and keep on thinking and transferring my passion in to the posts in this forum. thanks in advance to all the forum members (present and future) in advance.

Now who will be the next Cricket Savant ???

here is a small Stat I have prepared. based on current posts and current posts per day, I have calculated days to reach 25000.

1. MohammadC ..(22539 Posts), (7.44 Posts per day), ( 331days to Savant)
2. Al Furqaan ....(22160 Posts), (5.30 Posts per day), ( 530 days to Savant)
3. Zunaid .........(22121 Posts), (Data Not Available)
4. Bujhee Kom....(21828 Posts), (7.38 Posts per day), ( 430 days to Savant)
5. Simon............(21392 Posts), (7.87 Posts per day), ( 458 days to Savant)
6. Rabz.............(20532 Posts), (5.40 Posts per day), ( 827 days to Savant)
7. Murad...........(19844 Posts), (6.03 Posts per day), ( 855 days to Savant)
8. BANFAN.........(18959 Posts), (6.22 Posts per day), ( 971 days to Savant)
9. One World.....(18221 Posts), (4.89 Posts per day), ( 1386 days to Savant)
10. KalPurush....(17919 Posts), (4.83 Posts per day), ( 1466 days to Savant)
11. Afjar .........(17713 Posts), (5.15 Posts per day), ( 1415 days to Savant)
12. Fazal..........(16610 Posts), (4.18 Posts per day), ( 2007 days to Savant)

well these stats show career posts per day or strike rate. year wise strike rate could have given better results. again when matches are on we can see huge increase of strike rate. again some people have better strike rate when matches are off.

as for example. I have a career strike rate of 9.05. but I alone had 570 or 750 posts in the match thread of the last test. again during World Cup Football I also have higher strike rate than others. and also when I start playing Football manager or Microsoft Bingo or BridgeBase Online I have strike rate of 0.00.

So every user has their own time. Some body gets excited by ashraFOOL, some by Bjorn Gelotte and Some by Sunny Leone or Naila Nayem. .....

anyway there are many other dark horses who may spoil the party of the 12 that I mentioned above. If they start having a Strike Rate like nadim, anything can happen.

anyway, thanks again to everybody. advance congratz all the future Savants and specially the next one. Hopefully someday everybody will become Savant.
The OffStump
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