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Old April 20, 2005, 08:38 AM
Cricket46 Cricket46 is offline
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Default Band sound enginner Mobin dies in road accident.

Did you all hear about this tragic accident where Mobin died and other members of Black are in hospital?

Read the link below (in Bangla)
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Old April 20, 2005, 08:58 AM
Sham Sham is offline
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Yeah, really sad! Hope the two that are in pretty bad shape pull through. Miraj and Tony I think!
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Old April 20, 2005, 12:44 PM
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akabir77 akabir77 is offline
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that's really sad.. I have becam fan of black recently and i think i first saw mobin when i was in class 8/9 in a concert.. feeling pretty sad about his death. Hope his sole rest in peace..
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Old April 20, 2005, 03:38 PM
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bdmoderator bdmoderator is offline
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Shitt!!! That's a very bad news. He was a talented Sound Engineer.
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Old April 20, 2005, 04:11 PM
Arnab Arnab is offline
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I watched him work from the side a few times during the first few heavy metal concerts in BD.
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Old April 21, 2005, 08:26 AM
sraabon sraabon is offline
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got this off an email chain...will give you a glimpse of the current situaiton.
Dear friends,

I'm sure most of you have heard the tragic news about Mobin bhai and Black by now. Since rumors are flying and a lot of them are inaccurate and tend to exaggerate ha the already awful news, here's an account of what I've heard and what happened throughout the day. I was getting ready to go to work at around 8:00 AM when Farhan called me. I was surprised at why he'd call so early, and he explained that Black had been in a horrible car accident and that Mobin bhai had passed away. Mobin bhai's name may be unknown to a lot of you if you don't scour the liner notes of every important album made in Bangladesh, but if you did, you'd know that he was the greatest sound engineer we had in our country, and had produced pretty much every important album by every important band you can think of--Rockstrata, LRB, Cryptic Fate, Feelings, Artcell, Black, the list goes on. He was also Black's official sound engineer and a wonderful, witty guy.

I last saw Mobin bhai the day before yesterday at Black's DJUICE concert. I had picked up Jon and once we got to Mobin bhai's apartment, I asked him to hide. When Mobin bhai came out, I said "give me some lunch." We walked from his house in Dhanmandi Road # 6 to the Women's Complex, taking turns carrying his mixing board and joking all the way. I saw Black put on an amazing show as always and we had tons of fun. Jon was incredibly charismatic on stage, making fun of everybody and everything like he does when he's on stage (as opposed to being awkward and stupid like when he's off the stage). After the show I even mentioned that they should all take planes since they make so much money, and we had a big laugh about that.

When I reached the Pongu Hospital today, I couldn't find where Meraj and Tony were until Elita found me. I tried to give blood but I'm too fat and they didn't have time to spend half an hour looking for my veins. There was an issue with trying to find O+ blood for Meraj but that was resolved. Everybody in the music scene was there, crowding around Tony (because Meraj was being X-rayed at the time). When I saw Tony, I felt awful, because he was barely conscious and looked like he had just emerged from a battlefield. I wish to god I'd left then, because when I saw Meraj it was ten times worse. And all the time hanging over us was the knowledge that the greatest sound engineer and one of the nicest guys in Bangladesh was no more.

What had happened, apparently, was that their microbus/minivan had a tyre explode and turned seven somersaults. Mobin bhai tried to jump out the window and the car fell on him. Meraj flew through the windshield. That's all we know. When I heard all this, all I could do to cheer myself up was to thank god that Jon, Jahan and Tahsan were unscathed. I don't know what I would do if something happened to Jon.

Having gotten only two hours of sleep the night before, I tried to take a nap in the afternoon but couldn't, because I kept on getting phone calls from fans, friends, cousins, and every time I tried to sleep I would have nightmares. I was also asked by Zubayer bhai (the flute player from Purbo Poshchim) to play an apparently important show they had tonight as a very poor substitute for Tony. I was ambivalent about doing so while Tony was barely conscious in a hospital, but I talked to Shakib bhai and he said that I should play. I did, because Zubayer bhai asked Tony about it and we're all old friends, but I felt ****ing awful when I sat down at the kit. Every time I would hit the skins I would think of the last time Tony, Zubayer bhai and I were involved musically together. This was back in 1999, when we were all students at North South University. Tony was an awful drummer then because he never had the chance to play (although he is now one of the best drummers in Bangladesh and probably my personal favorite), and Black barely had a lineup. It was only Jon, Jahan and Tony. But we had so much fun, and when Tony eventually recorded the song I played with Zubayer bhai he did a much better job than I ever could have. But I kept on going back to those days in a musty unused classroom at NSU, smoking cigarettes we'd cadged off of someone and pochafying one another like we still do. And it felt horrible. I just wanted to get the evening over with and go and see Jon, who I hadn't seen yet.

Throughout the day I would call Farhan and others who were in touch with everybody else, and we kept on hearing bad news about Meraj. Apparently he had holes in his skull (or whatever the medical equivalent of that is) and he had giant blood clots around his eyes (that I had seen myself). They were supposed to take him to Bangkok the day after tomorrow but the doctors said no, because the air pressure in a plane might kill him. It wasn't until right before we saw Jon at around 9:30 PM that we found out that Meraj, thank God, was out of the danger zone. He is still at the Pongu Hospital.
Tony is in a hospital in Kolabagan.

I completely missed Mobin bhai's body being carried to the mosque. I'm glad in a way, because I don't think I would have been able to handle it. I will go to his apartment and pay my respects tomorrow. Rest in peace Mobin bhai.
Aside from his contributions to Bangladeshi rock music, he was an incredibly funny guy, and he will not be forgotten by anybody. Even Bacchu bhai had tears in his eyes today when I met him at the hospital.

Here then is a final rundown of how everybody is at the moment:

Jon, Jahan and Tahsan: physically unscathed.
Tony: in a hospital in Kolabagan. As far as I know, his left foot's big toe is fractured. This doesn't sound like much until you remember that Tony is a drummer and he won't be able to play for months.
Meraj: out of the critical stage now, thank God. Left arm badly fractured, left kneecap shattered. It'll take him a year to heal. This information is being kept from the other members of Black right now, so if you know them, please don't say that. I don't think they'll be checking the internet right now, so it's all good to discuss whatever here.

What else can I say? We should pray for Mobin bhai, who no doubt is rocking with Hendrix and Freddie Mercury as I type this. He was an incredibly witty person, lovable and generous, and I can hardly overstate his contributions to the music that we all love and grew up listening to. Jon is one of my best friends, and every member of Black is incredibly nice and close to my heart. Black is the best band in Bangladesh. Those of you who want to bring up early 90s Feedback or whatever, just remember that nobody ever kicked as much *** as Black did live. And I have every hope that they will get back together in the coming months. They must. This is an incredibly trying time not only for the band but for Bangladeshi music in general. One of our brightest stars has gone on to shine on other worlds. Our greatest band is incapacitated for the moment. The whole experience has been very sobering for all of us. Nobody lives forever in this world, but Mobin bhai will live on forever in our hearts and--more importantly--in all the music he helped create.

Yr pal, Arafat.
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Old April 21, 2005, 10:52 PM
bangla_amar bangla_amar is offline
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Pretty hear-wrenching stuff.....may god bless his departed soul
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Old April 21, 2005, 11:29 PM
Arnab Arnab is offline
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Mobin bhai tried to jump out the window and the car fell on him.
Two words. Cliff. Burton.
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Old April 21, 2005, 11:40 PM
mwrkhan's Avatar
mwrkhan mwrkhan is offline
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Sad news all round. If I am not mistaken Cliff Burton was asleep when the bands bus overturned in Sweden.
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Old April 21, 2005, 11:51 PM
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say say is offline
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the uncanny thing is - their self titled album is often referred as The 'Black' Album (though it was recorded long after Burton's time)
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Old April 21, 2005, 11:59 PM
Arnab Arnab is offline
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Originally posted by mwrkhan
Sad news all round. If I am not mistaken Cliff Burton was asleep when the bands bus overturned in Sweden.
My knowledge is that they were all awake and only Cliff tried to jump off the bus and was killed in the process.
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