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“No.3 should never be another opener” : Mohammad Isam

Mohammad Isam is one of the most prolific Bangladeshi sports journalists today. He has been writing about Bangladesh cricket for many years and currently works at EPSNCricInfo. BanglaCricket member Rinat Haque sat down with Mohammad Isam to get his thoughts and insights about Bangladesh cricket: its current state and future.

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Bangladesh vs India Semi Final: Six ingredients for success

On 15th June, 2017 Bangladesh face a familiar opposition. An opposition that knows the strengths and weaknesses of Bangladesh fully and an adversary that is stronger in every cricketing department compared to the Tigers. With the batting firepower, bowling variety and track record in ICC tournament, no rational cricket fan would dare to write-off India as the tournament favorites and potential champions. So the big question is what must the Tigers do to try and beat India in the upcoming semi-final game? Iftekhar Khan highlights six vital areas that could change the outcome in favor of Bangladesh as the underdogs.

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See what our authors are saying. A random peek at some of their more recent articles.

Syed Kamal

When one looks up the term "Renaissance Man" in a Bangla obhidhan, our own Syed Kamal's face will grace the description. In his productive life - and it isn't over yet - Syed Kamal has managed to serve as a BCB umpire aspiring to attain ICC certification, earn a living as an Intelligence agent for an "unnamed" US agency, write a romantic/erotic dictionary in Bangla (that somehow ended up on the National Museum's official display of "Bangla Obhidhan er Biborton") and, in his golden years, become a resident in Dubya's home country - Texas. Somehow, between all this, he has also managed to pen this piece.


See what our columnists are saying. A random peek at some of their more recent columns.

Khondaker Mirazur Rahman

Khondaker Mirazur Rahman spends as much time on BanglaCricket as on his Post-Doctoral research on Gene Targeted Drug Design. Like a true scientist his articles are all well researched. He goes by the nick "Miraz" on our forums and is also a BanglaCricket editor.




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