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Bangladesh lost the toss. Bangladesh bowls and fields relatively well. The match is a day nighter. So the DUE FACTOR came into the match during the second innings. Does it all sound familiar to you?

Whatmore Challenge

Published: 15th September, 2003


Bangladesh lost the toss. Bangladesh bowls and fields relatively well. The match is a day nighter. So the DUE FACTOR came into the match during the second innings. Does it all sound familiar to you?

It all reminds us of what happened during the first game of the World Cup 2003 against Canada. And from the few overs that Bangladesh batted in the 3rd ODI against Pakistan, it is a concern that the batsman still hasn't learnt from their previous mistakes. That is, they still struggle under lights when the ball moves around a bit.

Now the team management is different, the captain is different, the manager is different. But most of all, Bangladesh has a new coach now. Dave Whatmore who took up Bangladesh's coaching job as a challenge. Bangladesh has played under Whatmore for only about two months now. And in this match, Whatmore will now realize his task, and identify what he must do.

At the end of the match, Bangladesh did pretty well. Hannan Sarkar - the joint top scorer for Bangladesh with 25 runs against Canada, could survive for a long time. In that world cup game, only one Canadian bowler who came in at first change had put the balls in the right places. But in this match, there were two opening bowlers including others who had put the balls in the right place. So it was a morale victory for Hannan Sarkar as well as Alok Kapali who must have learnt a thing or two as they were both out due to the movement of the ball in the air during the world cup.

But the big disappointment is Habibul Bashar. The Pakistani bowlers were bowling inswingers to him and he just could not manage to get the balls on the leg side. In the end, he gave it away playing a bad shot.

Clearly, the batsman have a lot of weakness in their technical ability. Also, during the match Bangladesh fielders missed a few chances, missed and dropped a few catches. Unless these little mistakes are not corrected, a total improvement of the current Bangladesh side will not be achieved.

In this match, Hannan Sarkar struggled, but did score his maiden half century in ODIs. Another batsman Alok Kapali scored a fifty. That is, two batsman have scored a fifty in the same match - which is important for building partnerships.

According to Whatmore, every player has to go into a match with a winning attitude. He also said it loud and clear that he knows who the selfish players are that plays for only themselves and not for the team.

But we have all seen how batting collapses occur in any Bangladesh innings and destroys every achievement that is being made already. In this case, Hannan Sarkar was very selfish - he played out 106 balls for his career best 61. That is because he is not assured of his place in the one day side. The same was the case for Atahar Ali Khan, the Bangladeshi commentator for Ten Sports Channel. And yet, Atahar has not told on air as to how Hannan Sarkar would be feeling until too late. The only difference between a young Atahar Ali and Hannan Sarkar is that they were players from a different time and one being a player from an ICC associate team and another being a player from a test playing country. Anyway, if Hannan Sarkar is to be not-selfish, he also has to learn to get rid of the technical flaws that he has.

Also, everybody is not like Alok Kapali - the other half century-maker. Alok Kapali's strike rate is very good if he faces around 50 to 60 balls and scores a fifty in one dayers. For example - he scored his third fifty today for 61 runs facing only 70 balls. He also did not seem to struggle much even though the due factor was still remaining. Why is that? It was because Alok Kapali has less flaws in his batting technique than Hannan Sarkar as well as his place was never in question after his first two tours. One day, Bangladesh's victory in One Dayers will come through Alok Kapali's batting in chasing a total. The only thing that Kapali has to do, is to be more consistent.

We can be satisfied with what we have today and be proud of our Bangladesh team. It is simply because the effort was there even though the performance was not their best. After all, how many times did Bangladesh manage to score 200 against Pakistan?


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