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BanglaCricket Article

Bangladesh played the last and final ODI match of the ODI series. It was an O.K. match, neither too bad, nor excellent.

An OK Match

Published: 12th November, 2003


Bangladesh played the last and final ODI match of the ODI series. It was an O.K. match, neither too bad, nor excellent.

There was nobody who scored a fifty with the bat, or take a 4 wicket haul with the ball. But the good thing is that majority of the batsman have showed some sort of responsibility and that counts a lot in the hearts of the Bangladeshi fans.

What was more eye-catching for Bangladesh was to see players giving it everything. And that is exactly what Mushfiqur Rahman did. He batted well, bowled better and he did all those with a thigh injury. The whole test and one day series actually belonged to him.

With the increasing successes of Mushfiqur Rahman, the place of captain Khaled Mahmud in the Bangladesh side is under jeopardy.

But unfortunately, it was not Bangladesh's series. Someday when a full series will be Bangladesh's, probably then Bangladesh can win as a team.

The weaknesses that were witnessed during the Australia and the Pakistan series, the same limitations were observed during the England series as well. The players could learn watching the video tapes of the England series and see how they play one day cricket in contrast to test cricket.

The useful performers in this series were Hannan Sarkar, Mohammad Rafique and as said above, Mushfiqur Rahman. The debutat Monzurul Islam Rana has also impressed a lot.

It seems a coincedence that we have seen the potential replacements for several regular Bangladesh national team members in around the same time. Mushfiqur Rahman has always been thought to be a replacement for Khaled Mahmud. Only in this series that Mushfiqur Rahman got his chance to prove himself in test cricket, and thus he has. Enamul Haque Junior in the test series is seen to be a potential replacement for his senior name-sake. And now we've got Monjurul Islam Rana who is a potential replacement for Mohammad Rafique.

Besides them, Hannan Sarkar seems to be the man in form. Although two other players Rajin Saleh and Alok Kapali has shown their good form in the last Pakistan series, but only Hannan Sarkar has performed in both the last Pakistan series and this one day series against England.

Tapash Baisya has also done well. His bowling figures might not be that good, but the visiting English commentators have rightly said that the team management of Bangladesh may have missed a few tricks after watching Tapash Baisya when only one specialist pace bowler was chosen in Mashrafee Bin Murtoza for the test series.

Bangladesh selector-cum-tv commentator Atahar Ali Khan was pointed to this direction, and he said on air that because Khaled Mahmud and Mushfiqur Rahman both played in the test series, so Tapash Baisya was not selected for the tests. It may indirectly hint to the fact that Khaled Mahmud's career as the Bangladesh captain is almost over.


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