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A. Bashir

In between moderating the BanglaCricket forums, our own A Bashir pens cricket articles that offer deep insights and make you go hmmm....

A. Bashir and Imran Kabir

In between moderating the BanglaCricket forums, our own A Bashir pens cricket articles that offer deep insights and make you go hmmm....

Imran Kabir is a Masters candidate at the University of Toronto, specializing in Information Systems. His passion for Bangladesh Cricket has brought him to BanglaCricket, where he soon found the perfect world of cricket lovers. He goes by the nick "Kabir" in our forums, and is a BanglaCricket Editor.

Abdur Quaderi

The author is a distinguished member of BanglaCricket forum. He goes by the nick Doorbin.

Abdur Rahman Islam

An avid follower of Manchester United and someone who enjoys playing football, Abdur Rahman Islam claims that his cricket skills are non-existent. He also likes to read books on Islam in his spare time. He goes by the nick "Tiger Manc" on the BanglaCricket forums.

Abdus Sami Chowdhury

Abu Choudhury

Abu Choudhury is a mediocre cricketer and occasionally a freelance cricket writer and goes by the nick abu2abu on our forums. Follow him on twitter @bangalicric_abu

Adnan Sadeque

Ahmad A. Iqbal

Albab Masud

Albab Masud has been a Bangladesh cricket fan since he could walk and goes by the alias "Beshideshi" in the forum. He is currently studying Bachelor of Law/Economics at the Australian National University. He also plays a little bit of cricket and has recently represented the Australian Capital Territory U21 team.

Ali Tareque

Aminul Islam Bulbul

To fans and afficionados of Bangladesh cricket, Aminul Islam needs no introduction. He captained the Bangladesh team in the 1999 World Cup. In the maiden Test versus India in 2000, he scored Bangladesh's first Test Century. His 9-hour 145 remained the highest Bagladesh Test score until recently broken by Mohamad Ashraful's 158 versus India in 2005. In the early days, Gordon Greenidge has described him as one of only three, top class batsmen in Bangladesh. He has been one of very few Bangladesh players to have played club cricket abroad. He was in England for the 2000 season, playing for USP (United Services of Portsmouth) and more recently has been playing cricket in his new home, Australia.

Amit Shukla

Ananda Herath

Ananda Herath is a Sri Lankan well-wisher of Bangladesh Cricket. He has played some mercantile tournament cricket and has always been a great cricket fan. He is a keen student of the game and looks at teams like Bangladesh who are trying to make a name for themselves as did Sri Lanka in her early days. he went to the same school (Ananda College) as Sri Lankan great Arjuna Ranatunga and was in the same class as his older brother Dhammika who too played for Sri Lanka.

Andrew Mclean

Andrew McLean is a New Zealand cricket fan and some-time journalist residing in his new home London. Currently, he works for a Bank that has sponsored the media centre at Lord's, which, incidentally, can be seen out the window of his St John's Wood flat. Andrew is hugely passionate about cricket and hopes to travel to India one day after having a brilliant experience in Bangladesh in 2004. He plays rugby and cricket socially and spends much of his time watching Premier League and Champions League football, especially Liverpool who he has followed since he was 8 years old.

Arnab Zaheen

Arnab Zaheen would like to think he is a keen observer of the game. When he is not watching Bangladesh cricket matches or reading passionate threads in the forums, he is engaged in site development and maintenance at BanglaCricket.

Asaad Wahid

Asaad Wahid is a distinguished member of Banglacricket forum and he goes by the nick al Furqaan.

Asif Rahman

Asif Rahman, in the guise of AsifTheManRahman, is a prolific contributor to the BanglaCricket forums. His articles just goes on to show that quantity and quality can go hand in hand.

Asif Saleh

Asif Saleh known as Sraabon in BC has been an armchair cricket player all his life. He never made it to the Nirman team in his school days at St. Joseph's because he missed all the practice sessions while listening to radio commentaries of Test matches all around the world. He has finally found a venue to be the Harsha Bhogle of Bangladesh via BanglaCricket.com. His goals are getting hired as a full time sports reporter by the Daily Star and get paid to see Test cricket around the world.


Azim Fahmi

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BanglaCricket Team

Behrouz Y

Author is a distinguished member and moderator of BanglaCricket forums. He is more commonly known among fellow BC members with his user id Carte Blanche.

Ben Alam

Ben Alam is an esteemed member of the forum and goes by the nick Zephaniah .

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Charles Randall

Charles Randall is a Daily Telegraph journalist who has been travelling with the England A team to Bangladesh, Feb-Mar, 2007. He Originally published "Bangladesh Diary" from his site Charlierandallcricket.com. Banglacricket thanks Charles Randall for his kind permission to reproduce it.


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D J Sahastra

Dr. Mahmudul Huq Khan

Dr. Mahmudul Huq Khan is an esteemed member of BanglaCricket forum and goes by the nick Cricket46.

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Ehsan Ahmed

Ehsan Ahmed is our own magic_boy in the forum and lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is working for a BSc. In addition to all things cricket, he is interested in graphic design and short films.

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F Waliullah


The cricket charlatan that goes by the nick 'fab' prefers the patriotic and mindless flag waving aspect of cricket more so than the technical and statistical side. As a closet hooligan, this individual is a spectacular example of how cricket can be appreciated by almost anyone.

Faruq Hasan

Fazleh Chowdhury

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G. M. Bashar

G. M. Bashar is a BanglaCricket supermoderator who is known as "oracle". He is a prolific contributor to our collection of fine articles. In addition to his obvious interest in cricket, he also has a keen desire to be our own version of David Frost - exemplified by the large number of interviews he has taken of key Bangladesh cricket personalities.

G. M. Bashar and F Waliullah

G. M. Bashar and Sreeram Iyer

The authors are the moderators of banglacricket forum and go by the nicks "oracle" and "Tintin" respectively

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Ian Pont

Ian Pont needs no introductions to Bangladesh Cricket fans. He joined the national team as National Bowling Coach during the 2011 World Cup. He also joined BanglaCricket as a member and has been exchanging views for a while with our members. He is founder of the Mavericks Cricket Institute and is also an author of "The Fast Bowler's Bible". In 2012 he returned to Bangladesh as the head-coach of the BPL team, the Dhaka Gladiators.

Ian Whitchurch

Ian Whitchurch lives in Sydney, Australia, and spends too much time on BanglaCricket, alternatively hosing down and geeing up over-emotional Tigers fans. In real life, he runs a small independent oil company.

Ibrahim Khan

Iftekhar Khan

Iftekhar Khan is an avid follower/borderline fanatic of Bangladesh Cricket who goes by the alias Jadukor in BanglaCricket. He currently resides and works in Thailand.

Imran Kabir

Imran Kabir is Masters candidate at the University of Toronto, specializing in Information Systems. His passion for Bangladesh Cricket has brought him to BanglaCricket, where he soon found the perfect world of cricket lovers. He goes by the nick "Kabir" in our forums, and is a BanglaCricket Editor.

Imtiaz Kabir

Imtiaz Kabir was introduced to cricket in the days of shortwave radio. He later settled in England where he had the opportunity to watch the greats of the last 30 years and more.

Iqbal Eusuf

Iqbal Eusuf is a blind fan of the Bangladesh Cricket Team and member of BanglaCricket forum. Not surprisingly, he goes by the nick BlindSupporterofBD. In real life, he own a company in Sydney names “Dhaka Group Pty Ltd”. He is also the chief editor of a Bangla Newspaper (The Probashe Bangladesh) in Sydney.

Isnaad Sharahbeel

Isnaad Sharahbeel is a former student of Notre Dame College, Dhaka and is a passionate follower of the Bangladesh Cricket Team. His life has mostly been on the move. While currently residing in Dhaka, he has spent much of his childhood in Chittagong, Khulna, Madras in India and Rhode Island in the USA. Still in his late teens, Isnaad plans to take journalism as a part-time profession.

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J. Battye

J. Battye has been a member of the phpBB Teams since February 2006, spending time on both the MOD Team and the Support Team. His own web site, CricketMX.com, has been running since January 2004. The author has been a keen participant of BanglaCricket forums for many years and goes by the nick Battye.

James Stedman

Young James Stedman is a steadfast Australian fan of Bangladesh Cricket and goes by the nick James90 on our forums. He is also on the BanglaCricket staff.

Jeeshan Mirza

The writer is an ardent Bangladeshi cricket follower based out of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is known on the forum as jeesh and he welcomes feedback/comments at jeeshan2000@gmail.com

Joseph Hess

Joseph Hess is a huge cricket fan from Melbourne. You will find him on BanglaCricket as BD_Ashraful.

Junal A. Chowdhury

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Khondaker Mirazur Rahman

Khondaker Mirazur Rahman spends as much time on BanglaCricket as on his Post-Doctoral research on Gene Targeted Drug Design. Like a true scientist his articles are all well researched. He goes by the nick "Miraz" on our forums and is also a BanglaCricket editor.

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Leonard George

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M Mahmud

M Mahmud is distinguished member of BanglaCricket forum and goes by the nick "Sauron". His cricketing skills are more suited to stickcricket than an actual pitch. But he has been a die-hard follower of Bangladesh cricket for a long time. Happily married and blessed with a daughter. Mission in life - Not to die before Bangladesh is World Champion.

M. Rubaiyat Kibria

Mahdee Jameel

An ardent cricket fan, Mahdee Jameel is a regular and active member of the BanglaCricket forums where he is known as Shafin. In forums he is known for competing with other members to be the first one to start match threads during Bangladesh matches. With his never ending enthusiasm for Bangladesh cricket, we hope for many more analytical articles in the future.

Mahmood Rejwan

Mahmudul Alam

Mahmudul Alam is a young aggie from Qatar and a great fan of Bangladesh cricket. Yes, an aggie from Qatar. He is in the undergraduate program in EE at the Texas A & M University at Qatar. This university is a branch campus of the Texas A & M University at College Station, Texas, USA. He is known in the forums as BD-Shardul.

Mahmudul Huq Khan

Masum Billah

Besides authoring witty and informative articles on Bangladesh cricket, Masum Billah contributes and shares much more of his insights on our forums, where he goes by the nick "billah".

Mijanul Akbar

Like most ex-pats Mijanul Akbar is always keen to see Bangladesh excel in every aspect of life. Sports is in his blood. He is a family man, works as an Auditor in US and also teaches Management courses online. We know him as Tigers_eye in our forum.

Mohammad Isam

Mohammad Isam is a senior sports reporter at the Daily Star and the Bangladesh correspondent with Cricinfo. He is also a club cricketer though that is still up in the air! And just as important, you see him on BanglaCricket forums as Isam.

Mohammed A Alam

Day job: Browsing BanglaCricket! Other job : Telecom Consultant. The author currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA. but is originally from Dhaka. He has been a frequent visitor and contibutor to BanglaCricket for nearly three years and is known in the forums as "Beamer".

Mustafa Hamid

Mustafa Hamid is a dedicated BanglaCricket member from the Big Apple. On our forums, he goes by the nick mufi_02.

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Nasif Akand

Nazim Shirazi

Nazim Shirazi needs very little introduction to those who follow Bangladesh Cricket. As a young teenager Nazim was a key member of the national team in the early 80s. He is one of the most gifted and talented cricketer Bangladesh has ever produced. He was a very reliable opening batsman for Bangladesh and a tremendous fielder from a very young age. BanglaCricket is honored to have Nazim as a member of our forum. He goes by the nick Nazim Shirazi.

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Obayed Haque

Obayed Haque is currently doing Masters in International Hotel Management at Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada. After completing his Bachelor and Masters in Finance from University of Dhaka, he moved to Canada and started working for the Fairmont Empress, Victoria.

In personal life, he is a proud father of Sreejon. Cooking food for friends, traveling with his spouse and reading books are his favorite pastime activities. A crazy Bangladesh fan Obayed has a beautiful orchid garden and goes by the nick "Kalpurush" in our forum.

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Parmanand Singh

Parmanand Singh is a great fan of Bangladesh Cricket. He is finishing his undergrad and lives in NYC. He is also a very active participant in BanglaCricket forum, and goes by the nick aklemalp in our forum.

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Rabeed Imam

Rabeed Imam is the editor of Tigercricket.com and media manager of Bangladesh national cricket team.

Rabiul Alam

Even when managing a Shipping and Logistics business Group in his day job, cricket is never too far away from the mind of this Bangladesh Representative of BanglaCricket. Rabiul, commonly known as Rabz in this forum, does what any ardent cricket fan would do: eat,sleep and drink cricket 24/7 and is happy to share his cricketing thoughts with the fellow like minded fanatics here in BC.

Rafiq Ahmed

Raihan Hannan

Raihan Hannan is a Bangladeshi currently residing in Georgia USA as an IT professional but still follows cricket on a regular basis. His love for cricket grew as a child growing up in Australia. He goes by the nick Raynman on our forum.

Razab Q. Chowdhury

Razab Q. Chowdhury feels particularly adept at being an armchair critic based on his past history of playing school cricket and dispatching a slew of West Indian cricketers while at college. He deigns to grace our forum as RazabQ and is a forum moderator.

Razab Q. Chowdhury and Zunaid Kazi

Razab Q. Chowdhury feels particularly adept at being an armchair critic based on his past history of playing school cricket and dispatching a slew of West Indian cricketers while at college. He deigns to grace our forum as RazabQ and is a forum moderator.

Zunaid Kazi is an almost fanatical Bangladesh cricket supporter with almost non-existent cricket playing skills. He compensates for this deficiency by spending an inordinate amount of time following all things cricket. Zunaid is also an administrator at BanglaCricket and goes by the nick "Zunaid".

Richard McInnes

Richard McInnes is quite possibly the most beloved coach associated with the Bangladesh cricket infrastructure. Why? Perhaps it is because unlike other coaches, with the exception of Jamie Siddons, he is clearly and demonstrably invested with the Tigers. Or perhaps it is because he is actually in the midst of a second coming after a few years back in the Aussie setup. Most coaches give their best shot and then consider their Bangladeshi stint done. Actually it is all of the above plus the undeniable fact that he, singlehandedly is educating a non trivial portion of the fan base. Tigers fans are as mature as the players. Under the nick of Observer, Richard has been, for over 8 years, teaching us the process that is cricket.

Rinat Haque

The author got his passion for Bangladesh cricket from his father who is simply crazy when it comes to cricket. Nothing feels better to him than wearing a counterfeit and strangely colored jersey and walking around in a city thousands of miles away from his native land. One of his lifelong dreams is to watch a Test match live from SBNS. The author is known as rinathq on our forums.

Rubu Islam

Rubu Islam, a BanglaCricket staff, goes by the nick "Rubu" in BanglaCricket forums.

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Saber Ahmed

Saber Hossain Chowdhury

Saber Hossain Chowdhury is a former president of Bangladesh Cricket Board and present member of parliament. He was awarded with Shadinota Award in 2001 and honorary, lifetime membership of Marylebone Cricket Club(MCC) in 2003.

Safaat U Shahadat

The author is a distinguished member of banglacricket forum and goes by the nick "safaat"

Saifullah Akram


Samiur Rahman

Shafin Siddiqui

Shameem Hassan

Shameem Hassan is, by his own admission, an 'alter kocker' (Yiddish for 'old fart'); He is old enough to have played cricket in the Mymensingh League in 1970. He has played for BUET and have also played the Dhaka league, mostly in the 2nd division with occasional years in the First division. He had been out of touch with cricket for 20 years having left Bangladesh in 1983 but rediscovered his passion for cricket several world cups ago. He once again became a cricket fanatic and renewed his cricket vows in St. Lucia in 2004. He goes by the nick "Rumee" in the BanglaCricket forums.

Shameran Abed

When Shameran Abed scored his first (and last) half century at the Nirman Championships, those fortunate enough to watch him bat were soon locked in debate about whether he was a future Lara or a future Tendulkar. Sadly, for all his talent and early promise, he was never able to repeat his feat and was duly dumped from his school side, which prompted him to take up coaching the girls squad! This largely explains his crusade on the BanglaCricket forum against all talentless performers, and his love for all talented underachievers, a bunch with whom he can identify. He goes by the nick Sham and although he was given the honorary title of BanglaCricket Advisor, most of his advice is usually laughed at and then deleted so as not to waste space on our limited server.

Shameran Abed and Samircreep


Sheikh Abu Ayub Azad

About the author(s): Sk. Abu Ayub Azad is currently working as a software professional in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He goes by the nick WarWolf in our forum.


Sohel N. Rahman

The author was born in Dhaka and brought up in suburban DC and Paris. He has lived almost all of his adult life in San Francisco and Berkeley. SW radio and the Internet kept him connected to a manic love of cricket that's been somewhat of a family tradition since his grandparents went to watch West Indies at Lords during the late 50s. Sir Viv made him a believer. He's a business development consultant living mostly in Dhaka and Chiang Mai - and San Francisco when he has to. He goes by the nick Sohel NR in the forum.

Syed Kamal

When one looks up the term "Renaissance Man" in a Bangla obhidhan, our own Syed Kamal's face will grace the description. In his productive life - and it isn't over yet - Syed Kamal has managed to serve as a BCB umpire aspiring to attain ICC certification, earn a living as an Intelligence agent for an "unnamed" US agency, write a romantic/erotic dictionary in Bangla (that somehow ended up on the National Museum's official display of "Bangla Obhidhan er Biborton") and, in his golden years, become a resident in Dubya's home country - Texas. Somehow, between all this, he has also managed to pen this piece.

Syed Munazir Hussain

Syed Munazir Hussain is an NSU graduate and on the verge of completing his MBA from the IBA. He is such a cricket enthusiasts that he once managed to get all but 2 boys from his class to skip school to watch Bangladesh play Pakistan (on TV) in the 1996 Asia Cup. He claims, the extra PT classes were definitely worth watching Atahar Ali Khan score 82 back then. He goes by the nick nsuRocks in the forum.

Syed Shehwar Hossain

Syed Shehwar Hossain is a freelance journalist and a very keen traveller. He has been a member of BanglaCricket since 2004. Shehwar left Bangladesh in 2005 for higher studies in the UK where he completed his graduation and is currently settled in London.

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Tanbeer Mahmud

Tanvir Ahmed

Tanvir Hossain Tarafder

Tanvir Hossain Tarafder is an obsessed and fanatical supporter of the Tigers, although at times he does get frustrated and wants to replace someone in the squad and play himself. He is currently based in Canberra and goes by the name of tanvir_nus on our forums.

Tariq Mahmud

Tariq Mahmud is a reporter for the Bangla daily Prathom Alo

Tehsin Ali

Tom Bourne

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Utpal Shuvro

Utpal Shuvro is sports editor of the Bengali Daily Prothom Alo.

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Wasiq Khan

The author is an esteemed member of the BanglaCricket forums and goes by the nick mwrkhan.

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Z Alam

Z Alam is an esteemed member of BanglaCricket forums and goes by the nick Optimist.

Zarar Khan

Zeeshan Mahmud

Having graced the forum behind the dramatis personae of Gopal Bhar, Zeeshan now chiefly lurks here for nearby free iftar locations ie when not contemplating about Gödel, Escher and Bach or other meta-mathematical themes. He is also the author of "Collected Writings on Cricket".

Zobair Anam

Zobair Anam and Sreeram Iyer

Zunaid Haroon

Zunaid Kazi

Dr. Zunaid Kazi is an almost fanatical Bangladesh cricket supporter with almost non-existent cricket playing skills. He compensates for this deficiency by spending an inordinate amount of time following all things cricket. Zunaid is also an administrator at BanglaCricket and goes by the nick "Zunaid" and is affectionately or otherwise referred to as Doctor Z.

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