Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Too Much Cricket?

F Waliullah
Mashrafee, Alok, Javed and now Mushfique. There is a similarity between all of them. They are all currently injured and need some time to rest now to either return for the coming Zimbabwe tour or later.

Mashrafee Bin Murtoza, the lone hope for Bangladesh in the pace bowling department, injured his knee during the Bangladesh-England test series. He has this nag of getting injuries all the time. He has just had an operation on his both knees and he will hope to return to play cricket after six to seven months from now.

Alok Kapali, the hat-trick man of Bangladesh in test cricket was complaining about pain in his right shoulder and he has been given rest as a recovery option from his shoulder injury. He is not currently in the Bangladesh 'A' team's tour of Pakistan because of this injury. It is not certain whether he was not bowled during the England series for this pain in his shoulder.

Javed Omar was reported to have a serious problem during the England series which initially started during the Pakistan series. Now he is back from an operation and will need six months to recover and gain full fitness. So he will miss his second trip to Zimbabwe.

Mushfiqur Rahman, the captain of the Bangladesh 'A' team did not play in his last game in Pakistan and he is today reported to have pain in his thigh.

The rest of the players are OK for now, but I wonder whether this list of injured players will increase or not. With the amount of cricket played without much break, it will not be a surprise if this list becomes a long one by the start of the Zimbabwe tour.