Sunday, February 17, 2019
Updated: Sunday, June 29, 2003
We Need New Blood

F Waliullah

This is getting a little boring. Hannan Sarkar smashes boundaries and then gets out. On the other end, Javed Omar struggles and gets out. Habibul Bashar plays his usual 20 plus innings to start a tour - i.e., in a practice match, then goes out. Ashraful does the same but with some little more patience. Al Shahriar gets out after facing only a handful of balls. Alok Kapali scores a fifty and takes a few wickets. Khaled Mashud comes to the rescue and helps to get Bangladesh past 200 run-mark along with Kapali. In summary, Bangladesh bowls better than the batsman.

In my opinion, either Dave Whatmore has not seriously started his job yet, or otherwise we need some more new blood, fresh blood into the team. We have to watch it from a closer range so that we get some solid batsman in our lineup. For the moment, the only solid young batsman that we have in our line up are Mohammad Ashraful and Alok Kapali, who can shoulder the responsibility of the Bangladesh team.

Habibul Bashar is still there, but he is not the proper solid batsman that we need in the future, although he is the most consistent performer for Bangladesh in recent years with the bat. So is Khaled Mashud. And apart from these 4 batters, there is only Javed Omar who occassionally bats well and tries to hang around.

But there is a little hope in this boredom. If Bangladesh can manage to win against a slightly weaker Queensland Academy team, then maybe the boys will be confident to play in the next matches. And thus, their performance can improve.