Friday, April 26, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Instant Reaction: Need specialist coaches for every Bangladesh team

F Waliullah
Bangladesh 'A' all out for only 30 runs. This is the lowest total by any Bangladeshi team. The Bangladesh U-19 team were all out for 34 runs against India in the Asia Youth Cup in Pakistan last September.

So omens are not good for Bangladesh. If things don't start to improve in every level of Bangladesh cricket, then the poor run of form for the national team will continue.

THIS SOUNDS LIKE A WARNING TO US. For our own peril we did not listen to such warnings during our last Namibia tour when we lost to Namibia in one match. And may be the warning bells started to ring even before that during the 2002 season when we were at first all out for 76 against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka. Then after or just within one month's time, we were all out for 77 against New Zealand. Test cricket also wasn't too good for us. We were again all out for 70 odd runs against West Indies for the courtesy of Windies fast bowler Jeremaine Lawson.

If we make out the details of which bowlers that our batsman have found the most difficult to handle, then it must be fast bowlers. As said above, the Bangladesh Under-19 team were all out for 34 runs. It was Indian fast bowler Irfan Pathan who was the wrecker-in-chief. This time, it was the famous son of Tauqir Zia, Junaid Zia who started it. And we all know what is Junaid Zia made of, courtesy of tv channels and his participation in ODI cricket against the Bangladesh national team. In short, if Junaid Zia can start the storm on the Bangladesh 'A' team, then we should pray that the 'A' team members do not get a chance into the current Bangladesh national team, soon. Otherwise, we may see a 30 all out score by our national team at the International stage sooner rather than later.

The list continues of the fast bowlers - Shane Bond of New Zealand, a debutant all rounder of Sri Lanka, a West Indian-Canadian fast bowler, Chaminda Vaas who had a hat-trick against us in the first 3 balls of an innings, Some Stephen John of Pakistan domestic side Customs also took a hat-trick including 6 wickets against the Bangladesh 'A' team in the first innings of the same match.

We should start hearing this warning bells right now and hope that our respected officials are hearing the warning bells too. Otherwise, I am not sure when this nightmare will end for Bangladesh.