Thursday, April 25, 2019
Updated: Saturday, February 14, 2004
Reality Check

Masum Billah
Much have been anticipated about the 2004 Bangladesh-Zimbabwe series. So far, we have read expert opinions, chatted thousands of words on the message board & have seen dizzying array of stats floating around. So now, you'll sit in front of your PCs & televisions, tapping your fingers impatiently, wanting the moment to just get here. While you do that, let me bring you some more of the stuff.

Statistics take on a whole new dimension when it comes to cricket. Of all the stats produced by the past Bangladesh-Zimbabwe meets, there are only 2 sets of numbers that looked better for us than for the cricketers of the "Land of Rocks" (meaning Zimbabwe, so I've heard). You would have to look hard to find these two somewhat insignificant numbers. While you ponder what they are, here are some interesting tidbits about the whole scenario.


Zimbabwe got it's Test Status in 1992, we did in 2000. So, they have an 8-year head start. The stats measure up this way:

Teams Tests Won Lost Draw
Zimbabwe 71 7 40 24
Bangladesh 26 0 25 1

In other words, they don't measure up. Oh well, I think we could have done much better with the whole 8 years with no one else chasing behind us. Just give us time, we'll quickly catch up to you, at least for sure we will in 8 long years.

Trivia: Did you know that both Bangladesh and Zimbabwe played their inaugural test against India? Did you also know that they didn't win against India? (Ok, ok, you probably guessed that one).


As for the ODI status, Zimbabwe got theirs in 1983, we got ours just 2 years later. Now, if you look at the comparison, you will know why some experts think we are not developing fast enough.

Teams ODIs Won Lost Tie No Result
Zimbabwe 253 66 175 4 8
Bangladesh 82 3 77 0 2

Zimbabwe wins just about 27 ODIs for every 100 they play. We have to wonder: "what is going on with our cricket?" We've had enough time to get better at this. We will be well advised nost to have any unrealistic expectations about the upcoming ODI series. (4-1, please, if Cricket-God is listening!)

Trivia: Did you know that we not only rank below Zimbabwe in ODI win %, but at 3.75%, we also rank below Kenya, UAE, Canada (yes, Canada) and Netherlands? Did you also know we only have 3 wins so far? (Ok, so, you knew that one).

Now, back to the 2 numbers I mentioned earlier, here they are:

1. In the 4 tests these two countries played against each other, our Sumon bhai (Habibul Bashar) holds the record for most runs, 413 in all. Javed Omar, the one player that I think will be sorely missed in this upcoming series, holds the second spot with 317 runs. Andy Flower is a distance third with only 238 in his bag.

2. In all the 10 ODI's these two countries played so far, we hold the record for the highest partnership at 170 (Mehrab & Shahrier, 1998-1999, Dhaka), beating Zimbabwe by 9 runs (Andy& Grant, 161, 97-98, Nirobi). You see, "Hossain & Hossain" beat out "Flower & Flower". How about that?

Not much of a measure of success, I know. Regardless, let's finish on another high note, shall we? Zimbabwe holds the distinctive honor of playing the shortest ODI in history, by being all out for 34, in just 15.4 overs. The December 8, 2001 match against Sri Lanka lasted only 120 balls. I would like to think that record will remain secured for the duration of the upcoming ODI series. (Hope you're listening, Cricket-God...)