Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Updated: Thursday, March 04, 2004
To gloat or not to gloat

Masum Billah
Think of it from an Australian point of view: they come in to the tournament as the dominant, incumbent champions. Early on, they lose their way with Zimbabwe. A terminal slip. So, in order to overcompensate for the debacle, they blaze through the rest of the opponents to reach the plate final. Then? Then they just drop it against the lowly opponents Bangladesh, the lowest ranking test nation's junior team. It seems Tim Payne has some explaining to do when he gets back home.

Bangladesh under-19, however, has restored some credibility after all. They have scored 5 back-to back wins to become plate champions after the defeat to India. Also, this credibility factor has jumped quite a bit with the mating against Australia in the final. They had to fight hard 'til the end for this victory.

Except for the 125 run, 6th wicket partnership between Rajkumaran Beadle & Stephen O'keef, the whole game went as well as could be expected for Bangladesh. In my preview for this game, I hoped for the top 2-3 batsmen to perform well. Nafis, Naeem and Aftab did just that. Finally, we posted a substantial and defendable score on the board. For his innings, Nafis jumped 7 spots to be the third-highest run getter of the tourney. I also hoped for Doropoulos' wicket to fall early, well, even that came true. Doropoulos lost his cool with just 19 runs on the board and was bowled by Shahadat for 5. Enamul Jr. , of course was the wrecker-in-chief, with 5 scalps, 1 runout, and the top spot for the highest wicket taker of the tournament. Our heartfelt congratulations to the whole Bangladesh U-19 team, yes, including Mr. McInnes.

Well, most of us, the Bangladeshi cricket fans, already know all these. Many of us had a sleepless night, being on the wrong hemisphere. All who stayed with the game, were rewarded handsomely at the end. What a finish this was! It's been a long time coming too. I remember every bit of that fateful '99 night at the World Cup in England against Pakistan. The two games are not quite comparable; yet, we get very few of these at all, in any sports. I will let you readers in on a secret; I started writing this victory piece yesterday morning. I had a hunch of sort that we would pull this off. There were a couple more thoughts behind it also.

First, I feel it's time we start looking up again. It has been such a long string failures in the past few years. I feel it's time for a fresh start with a notable victory. If these young players are to become the mainstay of our national side down the line, then this is a great moral booster for them. Sure, they lost to New Zealand and ended up in the plate, instead of the Super League, but so did the reigning champions Australia. I hope this triumph will have a far-reaching impact on these youth.

Second, why, I wanted to gloat so badly. There was some expression of discomfort with the way some fans celebrated our thrashing of the Scots in the group match. The Scots, no doubt were less than worthy opponents. Well, how about Australia? Are they worthy enough for ya? So, for the fans that want to brag about this win, please follow the directions below to ignore others that think otherwise:

1. Put your index fingers in your ears

2. Say (loudly, in an annoying fashion):Lalalalalalalalal. looloolooloo. I can't hear you!

3. Say: "Sorry, wrong number. Please leave a message at the beep, we will return etc etc."

4. Say (with intervals indicated here): Gloatgloatgloat.......gloatgloat.....gloat....

5. When you are done, repeat step 4 until Gloat nirvana is reached.