Saturday, January 19, 2019
Updated: Saturday, March 06, 2004

F Waliullah
Until today, Bangladesh have played in 83 One Day Internationals starting from the Asia Cup match against Pakistan during 1986. Only 3 One Day Internationals among this 83 has been rain-affected and has been abandoned due to rain. In the remaining 80 matches, Bangladesh's only one single player have scored a One Day International hundred, and there have been ten 70-plus scores. In addition to that, only four different bowlers have taken 4 wickets in four One Day International matches.

These statistics suggests that there is a clear barrier between the individual players of Bangladesh and the rest of the test playing nations as well as among the rest of the ICC Associate nations.

Some strong teams of the Associate countries have scored over 300 or nearly 300 runs on some occassions. Only Bangladesh have not tasted such a feat, either in One Day Internationals or in the various ICC tournaments.

In the ICC tournaments, individiual Bangladeshi players' performance is slightly better as there are some centuries by Bangladeshis. But at the stage where we are, we really would not like to look at our previous performances in a second ranking tournament, such as the ICC tournament compared to One Day Internationals.

The time that Bangladesh have passed in ODI cricket, is much longer than in Test cricket. And yet, there are more test centuries than there are ODI centuries. Why is that?

It is now high time for us to find the answer of this question.