Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Updated: Friday, March 26, 2004
Upset in the Caribbean

James Stedman
After the recently concluded Zimbabwe tour and the ?A? team?s success, everyone is wondering whether Bangladesh can pull of a win in the upcoming Caribbean tour. Perhaps the West Indies may find form just before they play Bangladesh, as many teams have done in the past.

West Indian cricket is in turmoil. After the likes of Walsh and Ambrose retired, the Windies have placed more dependants on one Brian Charles Lara. The key to success in the West Indies revolves heavily on the shoulders on one man. If that man fails then the team usually follows suit. This is evident as England tour now. Lara has immense pressure and if he is out of form then they?re automatically on the back foot. The team does not have the responsibility to perform consistently without Lara. Self-discipline is lacking as well as players have been seen partying after being dismissed for 47. No one can take over the captaincy from Lara. Not because he is so great just that there is no one that wants or deserves the job. To remove Lara all they need is one bowler who can trouble him. Does Bangladesh have a McGrath or a Caddick?

Bangladesh can boast one world-class bowler in Rafique. Even if the matter is debatable he does have an outstanding record at the top level and has the ability to dismiss world-class players. However, does he have the ability to dismiss Lara? And regularly? Lara is well known to be a phenomenal player of spin. This does not mean however that he is invincible. He can be undone by a good piece of spin bowling. Or for that matter a not so good piece of spin bowling. There is no doubt that Rafique has the ability to cause havoc in the Caribbean. But will he is another matter? However it usually is the quicks that succeed. McGrath is the perfect example. Does Bangladesh have a quick that can rip through the order and knock over the man who holds the highest first class score in history?

Looking on paper, no. If a bowler can hit the spot or get the right amount of movement they can be deadly on any given day. Perhaps there?s an unleashed factor that can create some discomfort for Lara. Maybe a Tareq Aziz, or Alamgir Kabir. If Harmison can take 7-12 and dismiss them all out for 47, then why not? Tapash Baisya has one bunny that he?ll be looking forward to meeting again. He dismissed Wavell Hinds seven times during their last encounter and will be looking to increase that number. It may just be one day that a quick or spinner or batsman needs to click and that can change the course of the match. With the state of cricket in West Indies, they may not have the willpower to put up a fight back. The West Indians are becoming infamous for their batting collapses. However, so are Bangladesh. So even if they can rattle the West Indian order cheaply, who is to say that they won?t get what they give?

With the return on Javed Omar from injury, it would seem that Bangladesh might have found reliability. They also have batsmen in form, and it is proven that the boys from Bengal before better away from home. Batsmen in form are Rajin Saleh and Mohammad Ashraful. If they can add on a big partnership on day and others can add support, like the new find Manjural Islam Rana or Khaled Mashud then that?ll all they need to rack up a large total. This affects even more to the one-day game where 1 score of 240 against the West Indies is highly competitive. As stated above if the bowlers can click then anything is possible and considering that they won in Zimbabwe it wouldn?t be too much to expect another one in the West Indies.