Monday, December 10, 2018
Updated: Saturday, May 08, 2004
Team more important than individuals

F Waliullah
Now a days, everybody segments the Bangladesh cricket team into two stages - pre and post Whatmore era. When Dav Whatmore, a prospective candidate for Bangladesh citizenship, came into the picture for Bangladesh, all that everyone else has witnessed is improvements and improvements.

Considering where Bangladesh cricket was going even during the TVS cup right after the world cup, things were looking bleak, although there was the hope of a fightback in one or two games, namely in the second match against India during that tournament.

However, during the post Whatmore era, things started to change slowly. May be other little things like good selection, maiden Australia tour were all contributing in this slow improvement of the team, but there is no question in everybody's mind as to who is THE MAN behind this gradual improvement.

Even after a month of the inclusion of Whatmore as the national coach, an average Bangladeshi fan was delighted to see some successes for invidual players.

However, the win against Zimbabwe has changed all that. Now an average Bangladeshi fan is not so delighted to see a mere individual success. They're more hungry for a team-success.

Although Dav Whatmore has been repeating that individual performances are his primary concern, but the expectation from the Bangladesh team has gone up. Now nobody is going to be satisfied with only a few improved performances by the team. More importantly, even an ODI century means nothing if we still lose the match.

There are things that can be predicted regarding new teams. One such prediction is that after a good series for a team like Bangladesh, will follow a bad one. It is a proven fact. Why else does Bangladesh play so badly against England after such a wonderful series in Pakistan? Similarly, why else was Bangladesh involved in a good series in Zimbabwe after England?

There is one other thing - this is the first time that Bangladesh is going to the West Indies. So there is the question of experience as well. Only four players of the current Bangladesh squad has experience of playing any form of cricket in the Carribean islands. It was in the domestic tournament of Busta Cup three seasons ago, those four players were playing for the Bangladesh 'A' team. However, that is another story, for another time.