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Updated: Sunday, May 23, 2004
Bangladesh ODI Report Card: A BanglaCricket Analysis

BanglaCricket Team

Plenty of accolades, pats in the back and the usual ?could have beens? are proliferating, but at the end of the day we were left with a 0-3 whitewash. As loyal fans of our cricket, we swallow it, take a deep breath and pick up the pieces. The top order batting failure seems to make up most of those ?broken pieces? and remains the main cause of our demise.

Disturbingly, deeper problems with the mindset of our ?star? players seems to be bothering Whatmore. Let?s hope these nagging problems can be sorted out real soon. After all, the team has plenty of help and with the latest technical tools at hand, such as the ?Matrix? among others, we sincerely hope is that the management and the selectors will analyze and come up with viable solutions.

Now, how about having a stab at a letter grade report card for our boys? Real simple, A through F. It?s based on observations, statistics of the series, and of course, personal opinions. The tour is not over and so we?ve added some ?recommendations? too. Dig in!

Tapas Baisya
Grade: A+

Observations: An unsung hero for Bangladesh, he has always been in the shadows of other more illustrious players. He gave his heart out and richly deserved his haul of 6 wickets with some very intelligent bowling. Most importantly, he has made conscious efforts in limiting the number of wides that had afflicted his performance on earlier occasions.

Recommendations: All he needs to do is generate more pace and he is well on his way to become a permanent fixture of the team. Even better, if he could develop a doosra (we use this term loosely, a cutter would be a better term, but the doosra has an air of mystery to it), a customized mystery ball of his own that would not require a lot of speed to be effective.

Khaled Mashud Pilot
Grade: A+

Observations: Stellar performance behind the stumps, solid batting and an ebullient personality that always encourages his teammates. Considering his current form, a deserving A+. This man has been a stalwart and will remain so.

Recommendations: Definitely a keeper. No pun intended. To really make a difference for Bangladesh he needs to devise a strategy together with our think tank about ways to raise his batting averages. At times he tends to slip off his tried and tested means to score runs. That is fine but he has good years ahead of him and a personalized batting coach would be a much-needed bonus for the team.

Manjural Islam Rana
Grade: A

Observations: He had an outstanding performance with both ball and bat except for the third ODI where he was unable to accelerate when the team needed his contributions. This may have been more a team management fault than his since he is not known as a slog-hitter. Would have been an A+ had it not been for dropping two sitters.

Recommendations: Definitely a regular face in the team but the management could try to groom him for more of a leadership role. However, doubts remain as to whether he is a natural opener and he may well be suited lower down the order.

Mohammad Rafique
Grade: A

Observations: This series has not been a particularly happy outing for Rafique with the ball, emerging wicket less after the series. But on the other hand he did very well with the bat especially in the first ODI. That 42 run unbroken partnership with Mashud brought about a respectable and defensible (on hindsight) score after the team was tottering at 82 for 8. Even though he did not get a single wicket, he does share the lowest economy rate of 3.5 with Rana and troubled the WI batsmen often.

Recommendations: Rafique and Pilot gave us a glimpse of a good low order batting partnership. Having seen the top order collapse, it would be prudent to leave these 2 batsmen adjacent to each other. Rafique could be moved up a notch in the one-dayers. With regards to his bowling, which is crucial for the team, he needs to muster more agression to match WI conditions. Intelligent variations in the third ODI did magic to contain the opponent but we want to see more wickets in the tests.

Faisal Hossain
Grade: B+

Observations: We only saw him in one game, the rain-curtailed 25 over 3rd ODI. He did what he was sent in for, upping the run-rate with rapid-fire 16 ball 17 with 2 outstanding hits to the fence. And it helps to hear encouraging words from the coach, such as the now famous, ?finger on the pulse of the game? remark.

Recommendations: Given his current form, he should be a given more opportunities. The next games are longer version; he should be tested in the practice match before seriously considering for the Tests, as his full abilities were likely not exposed in just one ODI.

Mushfiqur Rahman Babu
Grade: B

Observations: Mushfiq's physique and prowess in the field has been impressive. His composed catch of Sarwan was probably the most crucial blow to the Windies in that first match that handed the tigers a psychological advantage. In the first ODI he stalled the Windies attack by hanging on for 54 minutes and stabilizing the innings with a valuable 13.

Recommendations: His experience and temperament is more suited to the test game and it is there that we will expect to see his real contributions. Again, he is another veteran that could do with some one day batting coaching. In the overall team picture, once Masri returns, he will easily be the essential third pacer and with some useful runs he can seal his place in the one-day outfit.

Hannan Sarkar
Grade: B

Observations: His 36 runs off 55 balls in the 2nd ODI were reassuring. Of all the batsmen, it is Hannan that is expected to put a damper on the effects of the Windies attack. Part of the problem lies in the perennial dilemma of finding a reasonably fast and stable opening pair for the ODIs.

Recommendations: He is another player that feels more at home in the test team. A typical test batter, his best, hopefully, is yet to be seen.

Rajin Saleh
Grade: B

Observations: Rajin demonstrated his steadfastness by producing a middle order salvage operation together with Ashraful. His bowling came through and took the prized wicket of Sarwan.

Recommendations: Keep him in his current batting slot where he should continue to establish a middle order. A long-term contribution in the ODI team is expected from him and the think tank should start grooming him in the duties of a one-day captain. Here is one guy, we think should seriously focus on improving his batting, and not think of himself as a bowler. He has the right height, power, and concentration for a good batsman.

Khaled Mahmud Sujon
Grade: C+

Observations: One good performance with the ball in the first ODI does not have a too positive impact on his overall grade. In the team as an all-rounder, his batting has
not been something to write home about. He was unable to up the tempo in the slog overs in the 2 rain-curtailed games and was very expensive with wayward bowling in the 3rd ODI. The man deserves some credit for his enthusiasm and fielding, hence the +.

Recommendations: His time has passed and the team needs that position filled with a handier all-rounder. Faisal Hossain, Tarek or Razzak Raj seem to be current contenders but the drama may not be over yet for Mahmud as we may yet see him in another ODI.

Mohammad Ashraful
Grade: C

Observations: Ashraful is still reestablishing his batting credentials in the team. The shift in his batting positions in the current ODI series may have slightly put him off in his path.

Recommendations: He needs a stable position and especially if he is to be a permanent feature of the test team. His main obstacle seems to be his mind, his most outstanding characteristics being his inconsistency. If he is able to tame those shortcomings, we see the makings of possibly an international star. Above all, it is his youth and repeated inconsistencies in the field that would warrant a few more years of handholding.

Habibul Bashar Sumon
Grade: C

Observations: He was a failure with the bat in the first two ODIs and got out to a couple of atrocious shots, either playing across the line or hooking. In the first ODI, his pre-meditated swipe that got him out was simply horrible. He kind of redeemed himself in the 3rd ODI. His on-field captaincy decisions leave something to be desired further affecting his grade. Giving the ball to Rajin Saleh in the first ODI when the West Indies had 1 wicket left, and the batting order selection in the second were dubious decisions.

Recommendations: Needless to say, he needs to consider the team position before he tries to bat in his usual aggressive style. The third ODI was reassuring but he definitely needs to work on his proclivity for the hook shots and annoying habit of too many early dismissals.

Alok Kapali
Grade: D

Observations: This poor man has had a horrible series and is going through a very lean patch. There is no one thing one can identify as to what may be wrong here.

Recommendations: He needs to be rested but the think tank might have other plans.

Shahriar Hossain Bidyut
Grade: D

Observations: This has been a rather horrible series for him; ducks in the practice match and ducks in the first ODI. Nothing more needs to be said.

Recommendations: Bidyut needs to work on facing the pace bowlers and coming up with an effective way to deal with fiery pacers in the first few overs. He got out by edge and slip catches when more was expected. He, however, should be included at least in one of the tests, since we will face plenty of pace attack. He usually reads the fast ball very well. He was never shy to take on the aggression of the bowler. He needs to do it patiently. Once he is set, he can easily contribute 60-70 runs. Press reports are indicating that he is on the way home after having been injured after the second ODI so we will have to wait to see him in Tests.

Final Thoughts

  • The ODI series is over and the best thing that Dav and the think tank can do now is to cook up some sensible plans for the tests. The strategy of going for a result and hopefully a win should be kept.
  • The Windies weakness for spin should be further probed and an Enamul/Rana combination should be put to test in the matches.
  • Tapash may prove to be indispensable in both the Tests but he may need a partner in Tarek to form a semblence of pace in the team.
  • As Lara is back, we should think of whom in our seamer category is the most likely to achieve success. I would try Mushfiq and Tapash and build a strategy around them to get Lara out. Lara gets impatiant with outside off stump deliveries and often gifts catches. It will be no use to try contain him.

The Bangladesh cricket team is on an upward learning curve at the moment. Although it is not a steep improvement curve, it is still a curve and it is going up. A Cricinfo? article recently pointed out the improvements under Dav Whatmore, poignantly backed up by hard numbers. From time to time, we at BanglaCricket will also evaluate our team?s performance. We will grade them and will issue report cards for our fans. On one fine day, all of our cricketers will pass with flying colors, and on those special occasions we promise an ?A? grade for all of the boys. Yes, you all get an ?A?, for every time the team scores a win. Now, study hard, and play harder.

Brought to you by GM Bashar, M Billah and Z Kazi.


Series ODI Stats

Bangladesh Batting and Fielding

Name                Mat    I  NO  Runs   HS     Ave     SR 
Manjural Islam Rana 3 3 2 40 33* 40.00 74.07 Khaled Mashud 3 2 1 39 30* 39.00 45.88
Hannan Sarkar 2 2 0 40 36 20.00 58.82 Faisal Hossain 1 1 0 17 17 17.00 106.25 Habibul Bashar 3 3 0 44 42 14.66 88.00 Rajin Saleh 3 3 0 38 20 12.66 38.38 Mushfiqur Rahman 3 3 0 35 14 11.66 49.29 Mohammad Ashraful 3 3 0 20 17 6.66 41.66 Alok Kapali 2 2 0 6 5 3.00 20.00 Khaled Mahmud 3 3 0 5 4 1.66 41.66 Shahriar Hossain 1 1 0 0 0 0.00 0.00 Mohammad Rafique 3 2 2 36 32* - 55.38 Tapash Baisya 3 0 - - - - - Bangladesh Bowling Name Mat O M R W Ave Best Econ Manjural Islam Rana 3 20 2 70 5 14.00 3-21 3.50 Mohammad Rafique 3 19.4 1 69 0 - - 3.50 Khaled Mahmud 3 20 3 78 3 26.00 2-15 3.90 Tapash Baisya 3 16 2 69 6 11.50 4-16 4.31 Mushfiqur Rahman 3 15.1 1 67 2 33.50 1-23 4.41 Alok Kapali 2 3 0 16 0 - - 5.33
Rajin Saleh 3 2 0 11 1 11.00 1-11 5.50