Friday, May 24, 2019
Updated: Wednesday, January 15, 2003
Too Insensitive?

F Waliullah
It is really frustrating to see that how insensitive the Bangladeshi players are. When somebody makes you field for a whole day or two - under the scorching heat of the summer in Bangladesh, wouldn't you feel something that you would try and make the opposition field the same way that you did? But that is certainly not the case for the Bangladeshi players. They are too insensitive to the heat, to the hard work at the field.

They do not think this way at all. Everybody goes through a motion like everything will go on as it is. Today, on Day Two of the first test match between Bangladesh and South Africa, it was hoped that the spinners of Bangladesh could purchase a wicket or two under familiar home condition. But nothing like that happened. Bangladesh will be defeated the same way that they were defeated against South Africa in South Africa. Bangladesh's average test score is around 180 run mark and South Africa's average test score against Bangladesh is around 400 to 500 run declared for the loss of 3 to 5 wickets.

Well the way things are going, nothing will be different this time around. First poor batting, then poor bowling, then poor fielding in addition to bad judgment by the umpire has all gone against Bangladesh.

I am certain that all this frustration will be over if somebody had looked into Bangladesh's individual performances. For example - the only two big innings that Bangladeshi batsman has managed to achieve is a 500 minutes, 300 ball stay at the crease by Aminul Islam in his debut test match against India; and 400 minutes, 300 ball stay at the crease by Javed Omar in a test match against Zimbabwe. The other best innings were meagure 200 ball, 200 minute stay at the crease by the rest of the batsman.

What could not have been achieved by the Bangladeshi batsman is to reach the same feat twice in their short test career. Like Aminul Islam has stayed the crease for more than 100 balls, for over a 100 minute, but he has never ever managed to get close to his landmark total of 145. It was like once in a lifetime thing.

It would have been Okay if the 100 ball and 100 minute stay was as usual for the batsman everytime they go into bat, but that is not so. In one innings, when somebody does this, then he fails in the next innings and vice versa.

It all concludes to the fact that Bangladesh is still struggling to get accustomed to test cricket, the players are still struggling to get themselves adjusted to test match cricket or rather - at the International stage.