Thursday, September 16, 2021
Updated: Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Ode to Coach

Ahmad A. Iqbal

I can safely assume that most fans are quite happy with a good showing/fight from the cubs. So far, they seem to be up to par with their opponents despite what the books says. The English lads weren't able to just roll over them. In the last test, the Cubs were outperforming Queen's little subjects in almost every area (except of course, when you know who took the match away from them).

These guys are learning how boys are made into men, path to true professionalism by playing alongside a quality team, with all the bells and whistles that go with it.

Richard McInnes

Richard McInnes

Among other things, there is also something interactive about this U-19 tour that I?m sure everyone noticed.

The almost real time updates and input from the Coach is a breath of fresh air. It is quite apparent that he's taking this more than just another coaching contract.

The fact that Coach McInnes takes time to read input from the fans all over the world and provides feedback and update, addresses specific issues, speaks volume.

He has been a professional even at his utmost candor.

Every time I read his input and match mortem, I felt better about the team and surprisingly got more hopeful about their prospect. And it wasn't just any lopsided story or last minute excuses that he was trying to sell. He has been right on the target, objective without being evasive and very encouraging as he gives us the 'court side view' of the games.

In the coming months if our Tigers show some of their claws (I hope they will), that will be just awesome. If not, I think we can at least be rest assured that not all is lost with BD cricket. Coach Whatmore has the most unenviable job in the world and I hope that his Tigers will not let him down yet again. It may be that the players under his disposal are at a impasse as per talent category goes.

In spite of the veterans' performances, I think we are just about to turn the corner.

Unlike their predecessors, the Cubs are born into a good cricket environment, which though not perfect, is years ahead of the times of Yusuf Babu and company.

Thanks to McInnes, I think they understand the lingo, appreciate the test culture, can walk the walk, talk the talk and are living and breathing cricket in a big way. The BCB, along with the coach, in my opinion, are making all the right decision. (It is refreshing to see something going right for a change).

Like never before, these kids at their matured states, will not have the fretful glance with jittery knees as they face the big boys in test cricket. As they grow into their trade, they will yield no inch to the opponent, heed to no doubters - when the time comes to play their first test as Tigers.

Minnows, they will be not.

Years down the road, when BD fans are panting over a missing chance of white washing India or England in a test series, they will look back with the fond memory of these Cubs, and talk about how the Irish fellow from down under changed everything.

He is fine-tuning that magic flute. I can hear it, oh so faintly! The summer wind is laboring to bring that sweet sound around. And yes, I can hear the beat of the little footsteps in unison, mesmerized yet resolved, following the piper.