Saturday, December 15, 2018
Updated: Thursday, September 30, 2004
ICC Champion?s Trophy? Really a Disaster?

Saifullah Akram

Many fans were left stunned at Bangladesh?s poor performance in the ICC Champion?s Trophy. Being bowled out for 98 against South Africa and being unable to compete against the West Indies seem to say it to be true. Bangladesh even lost a practice match to Scotland before the tournament had begun. But were things really that bad?

First of all, the practice matches were in reality went well, winning 2-0 against Ireland and winning 2-1 to Scotland. The one loss isn?t really a bad thing. One must note the fact that many international teams sometimes go down in practices, even the world number one, Australia. The West Indies, the winner of the Champion?s Trophy went down to Ireland earlier this year.

Another positive of the practice matches was that how Bangladesh outclasses The United States of America, who in turn defeated Zimbabwe, who defeated Kenya. That shows that Bangladesh is capable of defeating the Zimbabweans and Kenya isn?t any better than the current Bangladeshi side.

On to the actual tournament itself and firstly the defeat to the South Africans. Ok, that was bad? really bad. But the thing is, when was the last time Bangladesh performed well against the South Africans? Bangladesh always had a hard time against them and South Africa is ranked a lot higher anyway.

As for the match against West Indies, that was one Bangladesh should have won after doing so well against them earlier this year. But South Africa, Pakistan and England should have won against them too. They failed as well.

It must also be noted that some of the younger players showed promise. Nafis Iqbal?s 40 against South Africa ensured Bangladesh?s total was less humiliating, whilst Nazmul Hossain bowled some tight overs with the ball.

One must also remember that this team isn?t the Bangladesh team in full potential. The Captain and star Batsman Habibul Bashar was out with injury. The stand in skipper Rajin Salah was much less experienced in international cricket, thus weakening the Team?s on field leadership. More on injuries, star bowler Mashrafee Mortaza has been out with injuries since last year.

Many of Bangladesh?s fans are getting to stressed. Bangladesh?s critics are getting excited. But are they forgetting to look more deeply at the situations?

The author is a staff member of banglacricket forum and goes by the nick "Hasib" - editors