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Updated: Thursday, September 30, 2004
Player injury status and availability

Richard McInnes


Date: Sunday, 26 September 2004

To: Chairman Corporate Cricket League, Chairman of Corporate Houses of Each participating team in 2004 GCCL, National Selection Panel, Mahbub Anam - Cricket Operations, Dav Whatmore, Justin Cordy, John Gloster, CEO Macky Dudhia

From: Richard McInnes (High Performance Manager)

RE: Player injury status and availability for Domestic Cricket

Please find below the recommendations from Justin Cordy, National Team Conditioner (and stand in Physiotherapist while John Gloster is on leave) in relation to the players involved with the High Performance Program who are in the process of recovering from injuries. The players individually understand what they are allowed and not allowed to do in relation to their bowling workloads. It is important however that this is supported by all members of the Bangladesh cricket community to minimise the chance of repeat injuries, delaying a players' full comeback.

Masharafe bin Mortaza:

Will progress bowling workload from 80% to 100% during October, bowling every second day in spells increasing from 5 overs up to 8 overs during the month. Once he is able to bowl 8 over spells, he will then bowl on consecutive days in 6 over spells and progress this to 8 over spells prior to December 2004.

He will be available for Domestic cricket from November onwards but he must be strictly supervised and not exceed to workloads indicated in his program. It is projected he will be available for ODI cricket by late November and Test cricket by mid December if all goes according to plan and he performs the program provided to him.

Enamul Haque Jnr:

Enam is still recovering from a ruptured posterior cruciate ligament and is at least 6 weeks away from being considered for selection. The original time frame provided in England was an underestimate. While Enam is currently able to bowl, the highest risk for him is fielding and landing on his knee again, before it has properly healed. He can train in a controlled environment, but can not play matches until mid to late November.

Talha Jubaer:

Talha is available to play corporate league but can bowl a maximum of 8 overs in one spell and is unable to bowl on consecutive days. He is limited at this stage to 24 overs in a week spread across 3 alternate days.

Md Sharif:

Sharif is available for selection in all forms of cricket and is currently bowling 6 over spells at 100% intensity. He was never part of the original High Performance Squad and as such now that he is able to bowl again, he must earn selection based on Domestic cricket performances. He is still to consult with physiotherapist weekly and maintain is own conditioning work, unsupervised.


Richard McInnes
High Performance Manager