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Updated: Monday, October 18, 2004
Walking the walk

Zunaid Haroon

Four years into test cricket and Bangladesh is yet to strike a win. Despite some spirited individual display over past few months, in terms of result, the team has not achieved a win. Every passing day is a painful reminder that Bangladesh cricket is running winless in the international league of test cricket. On top of that, the Asia Cup and Champions Trophy were two huge blows to the wound that was already cut deep.

As we try to recover and heal, the home series against New Zealand poises quite a challenge with some of the key players in the squad missing due to injury and illness.

As difficult as it is for the fans of Bangladesh cricket, expectation from the team remains at an alarming low. The momentum that the team picked up during the Pakistan series last year seems to have lost much of its potential. Almost at a formidable juncture to regain faith, respect and credibility the team has to deal with Bashar, Nazmul and Rajin out of the test team with injury and illness.

Masud can lead by example

Masud can lead by example

A lack of strike bowlers due to Mashrafee and Enamul Jr. being injured adds to the baggage of misery. At an apparent trough of our progress cycle the team perhaps is hoping to have reached the bottom. In the turmoil of alleged demotion of test status for Bangladesh along with rumors of restriction to home games only, cricket in Bangladesh seems to have a lot to prove to the international community.

Above everything else we have to prove that we are fighters and we are professionals at this level. The pressure is certainly up quite a notch.

Yet, hope remains as a factor to realize. Bangladesh must play out the battle with the players who are available. There are players as Khaled Mashud and Mohammad Rafique who have the ability to lead by example and anchor an innings or bowl out a team.

There are talents as Nafis Iqbal and Ashraful who could very well do justice to their name and bag centuries each. Given the low morale and the blow of injury, the words of hope come in the form of, "I then turn up in Bangladesh to be dismissed twice in seven balls for two and nought by a young Bangladeshi on the flattest wicket ever." as Mark Richardson speaks of his experience in the practice match.

If Bangladesh team can stick to a disciplined game plan and perhaps play on the weaknesses of the New Zealand players, success may after all follow through for hope.

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