Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Updated: Sunday, January 09, 2005
Taibu?s innings and a lesson for Bangladesh

Zunaid Haroon

Every few steps forward is compensated by a couple of backwards could aptly be used to describe what Bangladesh has achieved in international cricket in the past four years. No matter what the critics have hurled in the path, the bottom line clearly shows progress for Bangladesh. But there is one serious point we may have missed to learn in full flavour, and that is attitude.

Being the bottom ranked team, Bangladesh have always played other test nations with ample respect and often shown humility to the extent that was probably unnecessary. However, bottom rank should not be an excuse for not having the attitude to win. Perhaps the third day against Zimbabwe could help Bangladesh learn that lesson.

Zimbabwe was not the favourite going into the test and Habibul Bashar and his teammates had rightfully established that for the past two days of the match. Just when Zimbabwe were facing a potent Bangladesh bowling attack and a follow-on seemed inevitable, Taibu and Chigumbura defended their spirit and the match with an attitude positive enough to frustrate any bowling attack in the world.

For the past three days, despite being on back foot, Taibu did not express any frustration or lack of heart in front of the press or in the field. The attitude that Taibu wore on his sleeves was that of a fighter and Bangladesh as a team has lot to learn from that. The third-day session between lunch and tea was that of exceptional determination. Despite an exceptional display of bowling from Mashrafe, Rafique and Enamul, the two batsmen in the middle held their determination and it seemed that both the batsmen were playing as if their life depended on the game.

Taibu and Chigumbura have shown that the right attitude is an integral component of the game at this level. Perhaps more important than technique and skill. The young Zimbabwe team has shown volumes of heart in the past few months and have shown a fighting spirit despite struggling to win. Taibu?s innings should feed the Bangladesh team with some positive energy in today?s game. Bangladesh should rightfully bounce back on the fourth day. Hopefully, the fans will have plenty to cheer and most importantly add to the steps forward for progress.