Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Post Mortem of First Test

Mahmood Rejwan
Let us read what former cricket players and officials think about the performance of Bangladesh team after the first test against Australia. Here, you will find critiques of Akram khan (former Captain), Aminul Islam Bulbul (former Captain), GM Nowsher Prince (former Selector) and Sarwar Imran (former Coach).

Akram Khan ? Before the start of the first test in Darwin, people and media were making fun of the Bangladesh team. Some even had the audacity to announce the test will end in one day. I am glad that these jokes didn?t come true. Against the unstoppable team like Australia, Bangladesh fought for three days; it is a great achievement in current reality. The bowling and fielding of Bangladesh in the first test is definitely appreciable. I hope, the same touch of improvement will reflect in batting soon. Suman batted superbly in the first test. In second innings, Rokon?s bat gave us dream. My hope for second test is, the batsmen will do better. The bowlers and fielder will maintain the same performance. If Bangladesh can score over 200 in both innings of the second test, I believe, we will reach our goal.

Aminul Islam Bulbul ? Everyone, specially the Australian media, made so much mockery of Bangladesh, compared to that, Bangladesh did awesome against Australia in the first test. Specially, the bowling was really good. Even the Australian media and former cricketers praised Masrafi for his great performance. In the 2nd innings, Habibul Bashar Suman has proved, he is at least the best test batsman for Bangladesh. However, we all hope, he can turn those fifties into bigger innings in future, centuries would be really good. At least his innings should reach 70-80. That will be good for him, also for the team. I felt the need for Md. Rafiq in the squad in Darwin test. But I state again, the fielding and bowling was superb. I have some knowledge about the wicket in Cairns?. The wicket is slower, so naturally, our batsmen will do better there. Instead of focusing on winning a test match, it is more important for us to focus on taking the game into at least 3 days, if not 4. The game plan should be made on that. I only have one hope for the second test, the improvement of individual and team performance will continue upwards.

GM Nowsher Prince ? Australia is the best team in the world of current cricket. Their difference with other teams is huge. Considering that, Bangladesh didn?t do badly in the Darwin test. The players looked more confident in this match. Every player had a drive to play good. It is a good sign for us. Since the match wasn?t televised, I couldn?t see the mistakes of out batsmen. So I won?t make any comment about that. But, after scoring 97 in the first innings, scoring 178 in the second proves that we have the desire and ability to do better. I hope, this indication of improvement in batting will continue into the second test. However, the bowling and fielding were awesome. Australia scores 400-500 runs easily against any team. But it was quite hard for them to score 400 runs against us. Over all, I believe, after a skilled coach like Dav Whatmore has joined, the total picture of the Bangladesh team is changing positively. In six months, Bangladesh will turn into a confident team.

Sarwar Imran ? Bangladesh scored 178 in the second innings after scoring 97 in the first in Darwin. It is the same old picture of Bangladesh. Always I see the same failure of continuation. However the improvement of players? mental strength was clear. The team spirit is forming, that?s a positive sign. The bowling and fielding were good, that?s a positive sign also. However, nothing else improved. On the other hand, it's not possible to improve much in such short time. If Bangladesh could survive whole 3 days and would score over 200 in both innings, I would be satisfied. Anyways, may the Bangladeshis score over 200 in both innings of the 2nd test, that?s all I ask for.

(Translated from Daily Jugantor)