Monday, February 18, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Birth of a star

Zunaid Haroon

The formation of a star begins with a humble beginning. Inter-stellar gasses with un-harnessed energy wandering in the wilderness of space pick momentum pulled by gravity and eventually begin glowing. The rest is just a phenomenon that is unstoppable as matters condense and a star forms. Enamul Haque, at 16, was probably a wandering pack of energy waiting to be glowing at the right opportunity. Stars are no accident. Unbound energy is bound to create something powerful. They are almost pre-ordained, a script that gets written by nature almost inevitably. And Enamul is all that and more.

Enamul Haq Jr

People like Enamul aptly justify why Bangladesh should have been fast tracked to receive test status a decade earlier, and not after so much of turmoil and humility only four years ago. It is almost a sad event to ponder how many wandering packets of such energy, such as Enamul, have drifted away for the lack of that binding force of test status. Yet, a star is born in the form of Enamul Haque to bolster Bangladesh?s claim for identity in test arena. The path for Haque is that of high honour and great achievements.

Haque?s records at such a young age should be an inspiration to young cricketers in Bangladesh. The financial security that comes with such achievement would certainly motivate many to pursue cricket as a career. This achievement has opened up an opportunity to change our social belief system, where professional sport as a career is often shunned for lack of monetary benefits. Parents would soon begin to encourage their children to pursue their dreams of becoming Laras and Bradmans.

Perhaps the next star is just lurking in the streets of Bangladesh. We just need to provide the opportunity to pick the momentum. No one denies that the ingredients are there. The rest is all about wait in anticipation.