Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Updated: Saturday, February 01, 2003
A Couple of Things Pointed Out

F Waliullah
Day One of the second test match was a good day for Bangladesh. But it must be said that the pitch was a lot helpful to the Bangladeshi bowlers and if Bangladesh had batted first, we could have seen a whole new ball instead. Having said that, it cannot be said that the same thing would not happen tomorrow when South Africa declare or get all out tomorrow on Day Two - whichever, that is, Bangladesh still may disappoint a lot of people. If one specialist spinner of the Bangladesh side can put so much pressure on the South African side, then just imagine how much pressure the Bangladeshi batsman will be in on the first and the second innings of this test match. And that will be after the firing line of Pollock, Ntini and Dawson.

Actually the selection of the two teams says it all. South Africa have come into this test match with five specialist bowlers and five specialist batsman. And Bangladesh have come into this side with only three specialist bowlers and six specialist batsman. And among those six specialist batsman, one of them, Akram Khan - does not have a test fifty under his name yet. The selection of Khaled Mahmud as the test captain can be overlooked if the team is doing well, - both on performance and in case of getting respect - which is the most achievable target that Bangladesh can look for against the second test ranking side in the world.

But in the end, it must be said that now that we have seen what the new wicket keeper Mohammad Selim can do, and what he cannot do, it will be time for the selectors to really think about giving him the job to continue or to bring Khaled Mashud back into the test squad, at least. Becuase Selim looked to be a little dodgy in case of stumpings, especially when the ball is deflected off the batsman's pad or bat or somewhere. Now twice this happened that Mohammad Selim lost an opportunity for stumping. Later he proved that he can get batsman out in the way of stumping, by getting rid of Rudolph, but in that particular case, there was no sign of any deflection anywhere.

And the second important thing was that no matter how a player is called a one day specialist or a test specialist, if the player is in form, and has been playing well in the International matches, then he should never be dropped favoring another player who has been doing well in the domestic matches. Because the jump to an International match from a domestic match is still huge. Even the most experienced player cannot adjust his game quickly at the International level.

It also speaks volumes on what things should be improved, and improved fast, as well as how difficult it is for the national selectors themselves to pick a side and not to make mistakes.