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Updated: Wednesday, July 30, 2003
David Hookes apologized for previous comment

Mahmood Rejwan
Former Australian Test Player David Hookes is currently the coach of Victoria and commentator for Satellite TV Channel 9. Before the BD-AUS series, David's comment about Bangladesh created controversy all over the world and in Bangladesh. Hookes said, Bangladesh will lose the test match in one day, which didn?t happen in last 100 years. Following David's path, the Australian media publish many humiliating reports.

However, after the bright performance in Darwin and Cairns, the picture is changed. Mr. Hookes and the media is praising Bangladesh freely. As soon as we reached Australia, we were trying to reach Mr. Hookes. We wanted to know, why he made such comment. But David didn?t come to Darwin or Cairns as commentator. Finally, after lots of effort, we found him in Melbourne. Following is the telephone interview of David Hookes:

Q: You have seen the Darwin and Cairns test. How did Bangladesh play?
A: Bangladesh played well, very well. Played better than expected. I didn?t dream Bangladesh can play this good. Specially, I am impressed after watching the batting of the 2nd test. The performance of Bangladeshi batsmen against the Australian pace bowling is amazing.

Q: Which batsman impressed you?
A: Opener Hannan Sarkar. Really, he is a class batsman. After the fifty in first innings, Hannan scored fifty in the 2nd innings also. By scoring fifty in both innings against Australia, Hannan showed his class.

Q: Bowling of Bangladesh?
A: Needs much improvement. There are many areas needing improvement. I saw huge potential in leg spinner Alok Kapali. As a coach I see that in him. With planned training, he will evolve to be a great bowler. This young leggie will get wickets even in England and South Africa.

Q: Did Australia take Bangladesh lightly? Or did Bangladesh play better?
A: No, no, no. Australia is a professional team. They don?t take anyone lightly. Bangladesh played far, far better.

Q: Did you think Bangladesh will play this good?
A: No. Not just me, many other got the same shock. The Bangladeshi players surprised me.

Q: Did you realize, you shouldn?t have made the comment that the test will finish in one day?
A: Sorry, so sorry. I apologize for my comment. In recent time, Australia is easily beating other teams. At the same time, the disaster in world cup and one after one loss in tests gave me the impression that Bangladesh will lose big time against Australia. I am sorry. The Bangladeshi players proved me wrong by playing good.

(Translated from Ittefaq, written by Dilu Khandakar from Cairns)