Monday, December 17, 2018
Updated: Saturday, February 15, 2003
Harsh Prediction

F Waliullah
Everybody has a hope, some expectation. But there are only a few people who can match those expectations. And in case of Bangladesh Cricket, those few people are even less in numbers. Nothing happens as expected in Bangladesh Cricket. Whenever we, the ever-unsatisfied fans of cricket in Bangladesh expect something, or hope for something, our hopes and expectations always get smashed under our very noses.

Today, in the second test match of Bangladesh cricket team against South Africa, we may see such nose-diving in case of performance of our team. The wicket will turn from the second day of the test match, and batting on first day will be a lot easier than batting on the later days. So, two things can happen, either South Africa captain Smith will win the toss and will elect to bat first, and so our bowlers and fielders will suffer at the hands of South African batsman again, or we may see a stunning collapse without any resistence whatsoever from our batsman on Day One. And then the South African batsman will laugh at our batsman's faces and bat and bat and bat - just like in the first test match.

Lets see, only Javed Omar and Habibul Bashar has put up some fightback on the part of Bangladesh. But they have never known to be too consistent as to do in the second test what they did in the first test. The best possibility is that Habibul Bashar will score fifty odd runs and the team total will be around 150 to 160 in the first innings. Then again - we are all hoping that our middle order will learn from their past mistakes and score a few runs in the second test match, especially Alok Kapali and then Mohammad Ashraful. But since we are hoping for it, so they may not score at all - and somebody like Akram Khan will score his maiden test fifty. Although that seems to be highly unlikely, so we may see only Akram Khan getting a test fifty and the rest of the batsman including Habibul Bashar getting out early.

It has happened before - so why can't it happen again? Or may be we might see only Mehrab Hossain putting up some resistence and the rest going out quickly? From the logical point of view, it is also unlikely to happen since Mehrab Hossain has still not found his feet at the International scene yet - in this comeback trail of him.

As somebody mentioned, we also have not seen a test hundred for a long - long time. Who knows? May be somebody will get close to a test hundred and will get out in the nervous nineties?

In the conclusion, let us just remain as less pessimistic as we can, and then hope to see a miracle - even a score of 200 would then sound like a miracle.