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Updated: Saturday, April 21, 2007
Chatting with Mushfiqur Rahim and Abdur Razzak

BanglaCricket Team

After the final game against Ireland of a tumultuous World Cup campaign, BanglaCricket arranged for a chat session with some of the national players. BanglaCricket founder Tehsin Ali initiated the process and BCB Media Manager Rabeed Imam made it happen. We had the pleasure of hosting young and upcoming wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim and mesmerizing SLA Abdur Razzak who answered many of our fans' questions. BanglaCricket Administrator moderated the session and typed the questions on behalf of the fans and Rabeed Imam (BDMM) typed the responses on behalf of the players.

[18:56] Hello everyone, welcome to BanglaCricket chat with BD WC players
[18:56] We would like to welcome Rabeed Imam (BDMM)
[18:57] He is here with Razzak, Mushfiq will join us soon.
[18:58] questions please
[18:58] asks Razzak: do you wish you had more experience on bouncy tracks? should BD have more bouncy pitches?
[18:59] yes...ofcorse
[18:59] message to razzak: is lalla your real nick name?
[18:59] no....mates call me by that name
[18:59] Question to Razzak- who do you see as the most promising SLA after you, from BD ?
[19:00] We will go to next question
[19:01] There are some others...Enamul Haque (jr.) is obviously one......and there are others also
[19:01] to razzak: how would you rate your own improvement during the past twelve months? do you think with your variations and changes of pace, you can make an impact in test cricket?
[19:02] I think so...there is more variation in my bowling now I feel...and the accuracy is there also
[19:02] > To Razzak & Mushfiq: do you guys train or prepare for a game watching old match videos?
[19:03] yes...we do
[19:03] To All Players: thanks to bangladesh team from me for their excellent performance. and tell them we understand the barbadose pitch where great players also struggle.. we are proud of them
[19:04] we apprecite it.....thank you for your understanding
[19:05] To Razzak: First of all, congratulations on your efforts. My question is, where or what do you think Bangladesh is lacking in terms of consistency at winning games? Is it experience, mentality, exposure to certain pitches? What do you think, and what should be done?
[19:07] I think we are more consistent than before...but we need to play more on quick and bouncy tracks and we need to improve on playing according to match situations and conditions
[19:07] for Mushfiq: we noticed that you were often standing way too in front of slips in Ireland game? Was this intentional or a mistake? Ball was falling short of slips so many times...
[19:08] This is a normal thing .....the keeper usually stands ahead of the first slip....and there was bounce in the wicket

Zizou Dance [19:09] Who invented that celebratory dance you guys do after gettin a wicket?
[19:09] Ash....ha ha ha
[19:09] we call it the Zizou dance
[19:09] > Question to Mushfiq - Do you think you can open batting for the ODI team ?
[19:10] If the team want I am prepared to bat anywhere
To Mushfiq: Given the big age difference with some of the senior players, how is your relationship with them OFF THE FIELD?
[19:10] we are one big happy family
[19:11] to mushfiq: at various stages, we could hear you making your own field changes and your voice and encouragement is a constant fixture. would you describe yourself as a natural leader and someone whod like to be captain in future?
[19:12] It's too early to make a comment on the moment I just want to play for Bangladesh and enjoy the cricket
[19:13] for Mushfiq, do you think our batsmen are learning from their mistakes? How's Dave Whatmore helping in the process?
[19:13] Just to let everyone know, we have with Razzak and Mushfiq, please send your questions to me
[19:14] Ofcourse....we are learning all the time..every game is an experience and Dav is helping
[19:15] To both: 'Have you considered playing club cricket in Australia or New Zealand'
[19:16] We would obviously fancy playing cricket abroad....we don't get much time to fit in schedules but let's see what happens
[19:16] Question to Razzak: Do you have or are you working on a doosra?
[19:16] Mushfique has begged his leave...we are with Razzak now
[19:17] I am working on it with our assistant coach Md. Salahuddin
[19:17] Thanks to Mushfiq for joining us.
[19:17] Hi Razzak, U have done really well this WC, And u r a very good bowler in one day match, u havent ball too much in test cricket, BD will play test amtch aganist India next month,What is ur plan for that test match?
[19:18] If I am selected I will try to continue the one-day performance in Tests also
[19:18] Question to Razzak: You have some potential with the bat, do you plan to work on your batting and become a useful all rounder?
[19:19] the players have to attend a meeting...can we have the last three questions for Razzak?
[19:19] I want to improve my batting to the level where I can be considered an all-rounder
[19:20] The world cup was a long tour. You were away from your family and home. Did home sickness affect your game?
[19:20] Not at all....we are professionals and this is something we thrive on
[19:21] To Razzaq: Do you think BD going with three SLAs will be a good idea in the test matches against India? since they are known to play spin well.
[19:22] It is a team management thing....we don't know what kind of bowling attack will be there for India but in our conditions our left-arm spinners can bowl well against any team.
[19:22] to razzak: dav is someone who is noted as a good mentor figure for his players, but are there ever language issues and is he adept at bangla?
[19:23] We will ask 1 more question after this one
[19:23] We are used to interacting with foreign coaching staff so it is never a problem
[19:24] Did u browse our before, or this is the 1st time?
[19:25] Honestly speaking...I have browsed before and I think you fans are doing a wonderful job of encouraging us and staying with us through the good times and the bad....
[19:26] We would like thank Razzak and Mushfiq for joining us today. We would also like to thank Rabeed Imam for making this chat possible.
[19:26] Pleasure is ours. Thank you all very much
[19:26] and fans hope this is the first of many such chat session.
[19:26] THan kyou Guys
[19:26] Thank you again and Congratulations for Great WC 2007
[19:26] We are proud of you.
[19:27] The chat transcript will be made available on the forum.