Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Updated: Friday, September 05, 2003
The Excitement of Test Cricket

F Waliullah
What is Test Cricket? A test of skill, both physical and mental ability etc. But the most intriguing aspect of Test Cricket is its excitement for a continuous period of time.

The fans can enjoy watching cricket, as well as the players enjoy playing it. It sometimes become boring when the outcomes are predictable. But it is also the most exciting game of sport that anyone can imagine - just like the third test match in Multan between Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Bangladesh, the newest member of an elite ten-member test playing nations, is on the verge of achieving their maiden test victory after playing twenty three test matches and being defeated in all but one.

The impossible can still happen - Bangladesh can still lose this test match, but we have to remind ourselves that we played better cricket than our opposition. And we have to think in such a way that this does not lose our focus of attaining victories - SOLID CONSISTENT victories in the future.

We will also have to remind ourselves that if we DO win this test match, we should not let this get into our heads and feel overconfident. Because there is no room for that.

We, the fans are hurt and are in the process of getting more pain, but a sweet victory can change all that.

My advice today to the players on the field would be - don't be nervous tomorrow - because we've got nothing to loose, and everything to gain.