Friday, December 14, 2018
Updated: Friday, September 05, 2003
Cricket Followers on the Net

F Waliullah
We, the cricket followers on the Internet - outside Asia are unfortunate to see Bangladesh's tour of Pakistan. So we are unable to judge our team's performance looking with our own eyes.

We have to rely on the opinions and views of the match reports by different websites.

Cricinfo reports 'Bangladesh close in on historic victory' on its main site and the match report is headlined as 'Bangladesh inch towards historic victory'.

BBC reports 'Tigers scent historic win' as their headline.

Reuters reports 'Bangladesh eye first test victory'.

Sky sports reports 'Victory in sight for Bangladesh'.

Cricinfo even had an interview of Khaled Mahmud.

With so many positive match reports with good headlines, surely Bangladesh cannot lose from here, or can they?

We, the fans are hurt so much, we have so much pain, it even hurts to think of a victory until it becomes a reality!