Friday, February 22, 2019
Updated: Monday, February 13, 2012
Views from the Edge: Dhaka Gladiators vs Chittagong Kings

Ian Pont

Elias Sunny claimed 3 for 17

Elias Sunny claimed 3 for 17

Three matches and four points is a good start. At this stage the top four appear to be breaking away and it is hoped that net run rate will not be an issue but clearly we have 70% of the matches to come and much can happen.

Last night's win over CK was a real lesson in how to bat and not throw your wicket away. In a tournament so far that has seen people trying to slog their way to huge totals, both Darren Stevens and Kieron Pollard showed how to construct a perfectly paced partnership innings and see a game through to a win as you would expect professional batsmen to do. These are the very reasons I wanted both Darren and Kieron in the squad in the first place and why we targeted them at auction.

Earlier, we dragged back CK's blistering start with Mosharraf Rubel's and Elias Sunny's superb left arm spin bowling. They were both responsible for the game's momentum going towards us when it seemed we might be chasing 180 or more. I felt that on balance Elias Sunny was probably man on the match in my eyes because of that fact and he finished with 3-17 under difficult conditions.

We will have to address the 'death' bowling since we have yet to really keep a lid on boundaries at the end of an innings, plus there are a few too many extras generally. Tightening up on line. length and control of the ball is the key to chasing lower targets. 

It was disappointing to have our top 3 batsmen out within 31 balls when some of the shots were not necessary. Again, simple, positive and basic cricket often win the day over big attempts to reach the fence. Ash came in briefly and showed his class before running himself out.

Last night I hope that everyone watching learned there is more than one way to win a match. You don't have to hit 6s to be a hero. I will be looking for certain players to also raise their game as we have a competitive squad with others itching to get in and have a chance to play. 

However, winning is a habit and we look to press on with that habit against Barisal.