Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Updated: Monday, February 20, 2012
Siddique named 'Most Intriguing Man 2012'

Zeeshan Mahmud

Junaid Siddiky

In full flow

BC: How does it feel to be the Most Intriguing Man Alive 2012?
JS: Well, I don't think I am Denzel Washington. I mean I am sure Safehouse would be a good film..but yeah I rock.

BC: Okay....Well your innings..
JS: Was highest by a Bangladeshi ever in T20? A masterpiece?

BC: Yes besides that- consisted of five sixes. How did you do that?
JS: Well I picture them in the air and then Click! it happens. I sort of imagine the sixes like Michelangelo imagines the inner sculpture before he actually carves out and thus I manifest them.

BC: Wow! Never heard that before. Now Marlon Samuels. What was going through your mind when he hit those fours and deprived you your chance of century?
JS: Marlon is a great friend and hero of mine. Loved his cameo. But yeah- you are right, I was the highest scorer on that day and I think I am what--?

BC: Third highest scorer in BPL.
JS: Yes, second highest scorer in BPL. Cuz you see Gayle is a type not a token.

BC: Gotcha. Gotcha.
JS: Now technically "I" am the highest scorer of BPL because..
BC: ...because Gayle left. [all laughs]

BC: But still you couldn't score that first century by a Bangladeshi.
JS: Well at least I didn't die at 99. I stayed unbeaten. So yeah.

BC:Which one of the five sixes was your favorite?
JS: The one that went over your head- dude, name your favorite Hardy Boys or Charlie's Angels for that matter. You simply can't choose one.

BC: Meanwhile in Chittagong...
JS: Tamim Iqbal scored 5. And I scored 5 _SIXES_.

BC: Speaking of which you bring up a good point: Is it Junaed, Junaid, Zunaed or Zunaid? How is it spelled?
JS: Spelled with a 'J' as in Junaed played a jubilant innings.

BC: But why. Why 89? What is the significance of the score?
JS: I think it is impossible to appreciate the significance without a background. So you have to realize it's the third highest p'ship in BPL T20 ever of 100 runs. Now 89 of them were scored by me. So that's 11 less than 100. Now how many players does a team have?

BC: Eleven.
JS:Bazinga! So basically the 11 runs is a metaphor for ullage or unfulfilled void left by other players.

BC: Ullage?
JS: It's Google for "amount that lacks being full". Or as some calls it -

BC: Vacuum? BD team?
JS: Or to borrow Sanksrit: That-Which-Junaed-Is-Not.

BC: Hmm...o-kay.What would you say to the younger readers or viewers about accomplishing something similar to your innings?
JS: Well I am sure one can pick a research topic and write a dissertation on the phallic heights of my sixes looking for Freudian analysis of my wagon-wheel or why I tend to prefer certain zones over other. I'd say if you wanna be like a rockstar like me, you have to perform like a rockstar.

BC: Anything interesting trivia or tidbits you like to add about yourself that the readers or viewers may not be aware of?
JS: I am a Renaissance man and I am not ashamed of it. Not only am I a dashing batsman, a brilliant fielder but i have a FC wicket too. I gave that wicket the nickname: "Awesomeness".

BC: Hold on that means-
JS: Yes, I am ambidextrous. Left-arm emotional soul balanced with right arm off-break of dynamics. You got me.

BC: What do you think of Ash's statuesque half-c?
JS: Compared to mine? They need to invent a new space-time faceplam for that.

BC: Clearly the score got to your hea..
JS: Sylhet Royals is a joke. I have scored 58 off 89 runs in sixes and fours. Which equals Bangladesh score vs West Indies.

BC: Well someone just informed us...
JS: Duronto Rajshahi has most number of points in BPL thanks to me?

BC: ...yes that and highest scorer Bangladeshi was you because of your 71 vs Pakistan. How does it feel to...
JS: Well I did set the bar high and I did break it. So yeah. I think it's a left-handers think. Gayle and I are both left-handed you see. I rock.

BC: I am sure all 160-170 million of us now want to be like you. What is more intriguing about you than your dark eyes?
JS: Well I scored 161 vs Dhaka in NPL last December so yes that's true I am in great form.

BC: Tell the female viewers something about yourself.
JS: Call me just Imrose please.

BC: Btw...congrats on your innings. We(I) still haven't seen it yet. Need to find highlights.
JS: Sure. The fours were brilliant too.