Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Updated: Monday, September 29, 2003
BCB names contracted players

F Waliullah
At last a list of eleven players have been fixed and announced who will be in BCB's payroll. Although the grades has not been finalized yet, but some justice has been done to majority of the players playing for the national team.

Previously, only six players were included in BCB's payroll list who were playing for Bangladesh national team. But now, the list has been extended to eleven. Habibul Bashar, Khaled Mashud and Alok Kapali are the three players who are also in the BCB's payroll this time, but three players Al Shahriar, Sanwar Hossain and Monjurul Islam are dropped from this extneded list of players.

Al Shahriar was showing poor performance in One Day Cricket since June-July last year and he has been only performing in test match cricket. But his inconsistent performance throughout the year has left the selectors no choice but to drop him from the national team as well as from the BCB contract list. Sanwar Hossain is also another player who along with Al Shahriar should have never been in the BCB contract list in the first place. Although Sanwar has been giving his services to the national team whenever he got the chance, but he never quite became the consistent batsman to actually be in the team.

Monjurul Islam is certainly not one of the players who is liked much by coach Dave Whatmore. One opinion is that because Monjurul bowled negatively by bowling too much outside the off stump could also be the reason for his exclusion from the BCB contract list.

The new players included in the BCB payroll list are Khaled Mahmud the captain, Hannan Sarkar, Javed Omar, Mashrafee Bin Murtoza, Tapash Baisya, Rajin Saleh, Mohammad Rafique and Mushfiqur Rahman.

Like Alok Kapali and Tapash Baisya, Rajin Saleh has got the quick-nod of the selectors to be in this elite-list for the current year for his good performance throughout the test and one day series in Pakistan.

Khaled Mahmud's inclusion in this list means that the BCB is not yet considering Khaled Mahmud to be an under-performing player. And inclusion of Mushfiqur Rahman suggests that he will be involved in the coming one day series for the year 2003-2004.

There is one hope in this BCB payroll system. Any new player can come under this new payroll system any time, which is good. The BCB has also announced a 3 Lac Taka prize for Alok Kapali, the hat-trick man and a 10 Lac Taka prize for the whole Bangladesh team if they can manage to steal a win against England. So, there are lots of encouragements for the team and the players to do well. But there is still the possibility of the England's matches in Bangladesh rained off - as it has been raining everyday in Dhaka over the whole week.