Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Updated: Thursday, October 23, 2003
A tribute to Pilot

G. M. Bashar
Yesterday pilot had scored his maiden Test fifty and helped Bangladesh salvage a game from a scary 72 for 5 to reach a respectable 203. On this occasion I would like to take a few moments to reminisce on Pilot?s contributions to Bangladesh Cricket.

Pilot has been in the Bangladesh cricket scene since 1993-94. Since then he has been the safe pair of hands for his country and because of this no second thoughts are given to include him in the squad. Pilot played 33 ODI, having a half-century as a batsman and 31 dismissals as a wicket keeper. Nothing spectacular.

But he is a survivor in a team with few veterans and that is an accomplishment indeed. Playing a vital role in Bangladesh's crucial win over Kenya in the ICC trophy, 1997, his cavalier innings contributed a lot in winning that trophy and catapulted him up for England, World Cup, 1999.

During the WC he urged his teammates on and as a stylish right-handed batsman Masud demonstrated dependability behind the stumps.

In the second innings of the Test against India, Khaled made 21 when top order batsmen of the side were failing against the Indian attack.

Every player has a low point and for Pilot it began with his captaincy. A disgraceful 3 drop catches against Kenya prompted a flood of personal allegations against him. But even after his sacking as captain he yet again came back to the side. He will continue for a while in this role until Bangladesh can find a suitable replacement. Hopefully yesterday's feat is a promise of more to come. Thank you Pilot.