Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Updated: Saturday, June 21, 2003
Time to Earn Our Rights Back

F Waliullah
The omens are not right for Bangladesh Cricket at the moment. First of all, Bangladesh is losing money due to lack of sponsorship. Then the new ICC chief Ehsan Mani's words of not letting Bangladesh play in the scheduled away tours. And the first next away tour right now is against Australia, against which team nobody gains the upperhand in recent years.

If this continues, then eventually there will come a time when the players who are now being paid handsomely for losing test matches in 3 days, they will not be paid at all - and that, for drawing test matches in the future or in the far future. And then the players might protest against the Board.

For all these things NOT to happen, it is necessary for the players themselves to realize what to come and act upon these assumptions. Now they have the right teacher - Dave Whatmore, someone who can push the players to their limit at the International stage.

Speaking more hypothetically, any Bangladeshi student of any ground - whether education-wise or from sporting background, would not have much ambitions, unless they are being pushed.

Previously, the national players used to get some motivation from the age group players. But now the performance of the age group players are also going down. The first match that the U-23 players in Sri Lanka had done, is that they were all out for 49 runs against Sri Lanka U-19 team.

This sad news is not going to help the national players - whose average age is also around 23. This demoralizing result of the age group players also indicate that the development phase is also not going the right way.

And as fans, the only question that we can ask to the players is, WHEN WILL IT ALL END?