Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Updated: Friday, October 24, 2003
Appeal to the Bangladesh Players: Do It For Ashoka!

F Waliullah
Our appeal to the Bangladesh cricket players - draw or win does not matter, just do it for Ashoka De Silva.

Day 4, inaugural test match between Bangladesh and England. Bangladesh is 6 wickets down for 240 odd runs and leading by 152 runs. At a crucial time when Javed Omar Belim and Mushfiqur Rahman were batting very carefully and sensibly, Ashoka De Silva, the so called umpire from the previous Multan test of Pakistan series gave Javed Omar a leg before out when it was clearly seen that Javed nicked the ball onto his pads.

If you do not want a draw or a win against England for yourself, if you do not want a draw or a win for Bangladesh, if you do not want a draw or a win for the crowd, for the people of Bangladesh, do it for the Sri Lankan umpire, the ICC elite panel member, Ashoka De Silva.

Prove to him and to all the umpires like him that Bangladesh is not a team to be fooled with by forcing a draw or a win in this test match. Prove to Ashoka De Silva or umpires like him so much so that they cannot think of making so many wrong judgments on any Bangladeshi player - EVER AGAIN.