Monday, March 25, 2019
Updated: Saturday, November 01, 2003
Captain As Good As The Team

F Waliullah
We are standing at such a position from where we are facing a harsh and a cruel truth that the captain is as good as the team.

Since Khaled Mahmud's appointment as the captain of the Bangladesh team, he has been a constant image of where Bangladesh truely stands in test cricket.

Like the captain, the whole Bangladesh team sometimes shows signs of courage and bravery and performs well above their standards. And sometimes they perform well below of their true capacity.

This is the nature of a young and an emerging test playing nation, which hurts inside terribly. There is no certainty that if captain Khaled Mahmud is replaced by somebody, that he will be bulldozaring the opposition and Bangladesh will finally win a test match.

We also cannot afford to have a test team consisting of only ten players which includes 'minus' one captain. It seems like we are in a hole which we created ourselves on our ownselves.

The players sometimes do not know how to play test cricket just like the captain. The captain does not know how to play test cricket just like the whole Bangladesh team.

What is worst is that there is no future captain to be seen who will perform as a player as well as lead the team successfully, at least on theory.