Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Updated: Sunday, November 02, 2003
The Fall of Test Performance: Reasons

Mahmood Rejwan
After a long time, the performance of our test team has hurt us, again. Since Dav took over, every test match has been somewhat good performance, something to be proud about. All of a sudden, this test took us back to pre-Dav era.

What went wrong here? Could this be avoided?

Here are some reasons for this dramatic performance fall.

1. Sujon / Mushfiq - When Sujon was made test Captain, one of the biggest concern was, how do we accommodate him. We sacrificed a bowler to take him in. Now when Mushfiq is added, that made the problem even more crucial, pushing Taposh out of the team. The team now plays with 1 pacer and 2 spinners. We are one batsman and one bowler short. Mushfiq performed well, but Sujon is one big hole that makes BD play almost with 10 players.

2. Kapali - Everyone knows Kapali is totally off form in test. What should have been done is drop him from the test team only and until he can play good in the practice matches, do not put him in the longer version team. But BCB seems to always confuse ODI and test performance and mix them together. The opposite happened to Rokon, who sucked in ODI and did ok in tests, yet lost his position.

3. Batsman shortage - Currently, the Bangladesh test team has only 4 batsmen who perform - Bashar, Hannan, Rajin and Golla. Out of those 4, Rajin is still a rookie and Golla is not that great. Bangladesh at this point should plan to play 6 specialist batsmen and 4 bowlers. Off those batsmen, 2-3 should bowl occasionally. So we went into this game with 4 batsmen and off form Kapali. What should have been done is, played players like Ash, Rokon, Bidyut, and Opee in the practice matches to seek out 2 more batsman. Instead, our wise (!) selectors puts development team (mostly U-19) where none can be used since the U-19 has their own tournament to play. They wasted 2 longer version practice match that produced zero batsmen for the team.

4. Bowling - No team goes into play test cricket with one pacer. To make room for Mushfiq and Sujon, Bangladesh took off Taposh. To make the crisis worse, they picked Enamul, who did not do so well in test one. Having one left arm orthodox bowler is enough, but our team goes with 2. Sure, Enamul got one wicket in both innings of 2nd test, but both were given LBW wrongly by Ashoka. Selecting Enamul for second test was not wise.

5. Mentality - Bangladeshi players has changed their attitude toward performance more than the team. Which was supposed to be a good thing. But it took a wrong turn. Now each batsman targets for a 50. Once it is achieved, their goal to perform is done. They don't care any more. We have seen in the first test, 3 players reach 50 and go out fast. That is a real bad sign for the team. The motivation to perform has become a bad influence.

6. Leadership - In any team, if the leader is not producing result, the members do not put 100%. Having Sujon in the team without any performance to back it, is causing others to not be serious. Look at the BD batting in the first innings of the 2nd test. Did everyone play to stretch the innings, stay long time? All players followed their leader, trying to hit anything and get out fast. This same team did such great batting in Pakistan and showed patience. Sujon being the zero performance leader has finally been caught up by the team.