Monday, December 10, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, November 12, 2003
The Last Match Before A Long Deserving Break

F Waliullah
Bangladesh will play against England today on the third and final One Day International match of the series. After this match is over, the players will get a long and a very well deserving break.

Although the performance of the Bangladesh team on the current tour of England is not what we were looking forward to, but the whole year the players have done just enough to get and cherish a long and deserving break.

The year started with the hope of meeting the expectations. Although those expectation of getting a ODI win after the World Cup 1999 was not met, but after the World Cup was over, especially during the Australia and the Pakistan series, we have enjoyed ourselves as fans of Bangladesh players. And we know that the players have, too.

Now as the year is on its verge of ending, there are certain things which have been reminding us of what happened at the start of the year - the nightmare of the World Cup 2003.

All those nightmares can be removed from our memories this instance, with some good fighting performance in the last match starting in a few hours from now.